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hoolieWednesday 16th of February 2005 08:12:24 PM
wanna learn romanian! - Hello!
I've been trying to find someone to teach me Romanian EVERYWHERE... And finally, I found this place.

I do understand the main topic in Romanian texts already, and I do know some words. But grammar, pronounciation, making good phrases, is still VERY difficult to me.
So, someone there to help me?

Btw, I'm Dutch, but I speak French and know some Italian, and since Romanian is a Roman language, I manage a bit...
Paul8Thursday 17th of February 2005 04:55:26 AM
- You should try contacting Alex ( he's one of the administrators, he has a REALLY big pdf file that explains EVERYTHING about Romanian. I have it but it's too big for me to send (I have dial-up, so I have a slow conection speed, and thats means WAY too long just to send it.) Anyways h's also from there so he can probably answer any questions you have (try looking for him in the members section (upper right hand corner) and just sor it alphabetically and send him a pm (you can do this after you click on his name)
AlexFriday 18th of February 2005 03:09:29 AM
Hi - Thanks for the glowing recommendation, Paul. :P

I would be happy to help you, just contact me by email, IM or Skype and we'll assess where you are and go from there.

Talk to you soon.
hoolieFriday 18th of February 2005 05:19:18 AM
- Ah, good :).
I have to admit that my INTERNET-English isn't as good as my 'normal' English, sooo... But I did get the 'send an e-mail-part' :P. So that's what I'll do.
Mille grazie (yup, I know that is Italian, but it just sounds fun)