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deliaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 04:19:13 PM
what do foreigners know about Romania? - When you think of Romania,what are the first things that come into your minds? I heard many opinions,but wanna hear more...
Care sunt lucrurile(locurile,persoanele,etc.)care reprezintă,care definesc România?
Aştept opinii...waiting for your opinions:))

lowenguardWednesday 23rd of March 2005 06:19:05 PM
Romania??? - hey Delia,

What first comes to my mind... before I got interested in Romania was... Dracula, gypsys, ceaucescu and steaua.
I think Romania is not very well known in Holland, where I'm from. I wouldn't have guessed that Romanian is a language derived from Latin, nor the country is so beautiful but now I know better (a little bit).

deliaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:04:27 PM
romania - jan,nice to hear that you like romania!!
i agree with you that people don't know the good thigs about Romania and it's a pitty...
How come you're interested in Romania and Romanian after all?
Take care,
romideWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:09:54 PM
Ce tara frumoasa.....what for a nice country - well, i guess that much of the people here havn't visit Romania..........People, Romania is a must to visit. It's a beautiful country which is rich in untouched nature, and the mountains,unforgettable.......
By the way, the people of Romania are very very friendly, 1000 points to Romania in this way.....
Your people knows what is the real meaning of hospitality.............Thank you-----------va multumesc din suflet !
romideWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:12:55 PM
ROMANIA ONLINE discuss - I love Romania and I have a MSN group for Romania lovers and friends.

Everybody is welcome as guest or member to join !

romideWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:21:43 PM
ROMANIA AND EU - I hope that Romania will join the EU in 2007.
Your country have so much good resources to offer !
NOROC------------LUCK !
deliaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 07:47:40 PM
thanks...romide!! - Thank you,Romide!!Glad to hear that!!!
What was your experience with Romania?i'm so curious...
what exactly did you like besides the people?

take care,
rbrumaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 08:43:22 PM
- Maybe this is a topic for the Romania discuss, since this is mainly dedicated to the Romanian language? Just a thought...
deliaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 09:13:24 PM
romanian discuss - it is on the romanian discuss!
rbrumaWednesday 23rd of March 2005 09:17:25 PM
- Yes, Delia, it is on the Romanian discuss. However, since this discuss is dedicated to the Romanian language (it is under the heading "Language" on the main page) and, because the discussion in this particular thread does not seem to be in any connection with this topic, I merely expressed my opinion that it should be relocated to a more appropriate place.
lowenguardThursday 24th of March 2005 01:12:17 AM
- Hey Delia,

that's a question people always ask me :). It started with meeting an exchange student in my lab at the university a few months ago. I did not know what language she was using; when I learned it was Romanian, I wanted to learn more about (everything) the country, her people and that language. The internet (phrasebase) has been such a help!

And to romide, I'm already a member of your group ;) I'm afraid though that when Romania joins the EU, more and more tourists will overflow the country.... I am not sure if that's a good thing.


btw... Holland is playing against the Romanian soccer team this saturday. I hope to see many views from the country as well as a good game :) Good luck to both.
Jeremy87Thursday 24th of March 2005 08:26:10 AM
- First thing(s) (:P) that come to mind when thinking about Romania

Dracula (vlad dracul)
3rei Sud Est
awesome language
interesting culture
Romanian Girls (lol)

Romania interests me, and I do want to learn the language.
şi până acum, cred că o duc bine dar nu sunt fluent încă.. sper să fiu intr-o zi. Spune-mi dacă am făcut vreo greşele te rog, lol.
deliaThursday 24th of March 2005 03:34:09 PM
to jeremy - da,jeremy,te descurci foarte bine!!!
o singură greşeală:)) se spune 'greşeală',şi nu 'greşele'.Şi 'într-o',nu 'intr-o'.
Dar ai scris foarte bine,în rest,very good!!!
As for Vlad Dracul, we call him in history Vlad Ţepeş.
Anyway,I don't really like the whole Dracula thing...

Take care,
deliaThursday 24th of March 2005 03:36:59 PM
to jan - hey,jan!
thanks for your "story" on how you discovered Romania!
I'm sprry,I won't be able to watch the football match,but...
Take care,
deliaThursday 24th of March 2005 03:55:16 PM
to rbruma - you are right about what you mistake..
cristallyMonday 28th of March 2005 11:35:55 PM
- Funny association:O-zone and Romania...

Just in case that Jeremy is interested O-zone isn't from Romania,is from Moldova. :)

Jeremy87Tuesday 29th of March 2005 01:29:28 AM
- oh i know, but o-zone was popular in romania.. i didn't even like o-zone anyways. i heard they broke up... anyways, 3rei sud est is much better in my opinion lol.
JacUnz11Wednesday 06th of April 2005 11:22:42 AM
O-Zone - I saw O-Zone in concert in Romania, and they are even becomming big here in the states thanks to some idiot on the internet who was singing and dancing on his web cam! "Mai-ia-hii, mai-ia-huu . . .!!!"
gemini_zeusTuesday 19th of April 2005 07:55:01 PM
Totally out of the blue - I think I just started to get interested in Romania because I thought it was "exotic" it's really unknown here in Brazil... but I think the culture is amazing, even though I avent been tehre yet... it's kinda mysterious, isn't it?
Oh and I like O-zone's techno, when they came about I was like "YAY! Finally somebody who's making that amazing language known all over teh world!!!"

Hey, by the way do you think it would be hard for a brazilian to get a visa to visit Romania?
lorelaiTuesday 19th of April 2005 08:49:26 PM
- Hello there Gemini_zeus

To tell you the truth, the last thing that I've ever associated with Romania is "exotic" :D. However, I am a native, so I'm not entitled to such an opinion. :)

Anyway, regarding your question, you should be able to get all the information you need here
I don't think it should prove too much of a hassle, just give it an early start when you decide; unfortunately, efficiency is not something we're recognized for. :D

You know, it is said that among romance languages, Portuguese and Romanian share the most features (although I have some difficulties identifying those sometimes :D ) so you stand good chances of getting a grip on the language with relative ease :). Good luck!
gemini_zeusWednesday 20th of April 2005 12:35:36 AM
Romeno/Português parecem? - "Are Romanian and Portuguese similar?"

I really can't see no special siilarity between our languages, man! (Eu realmente não consigo ver nenhuma semelhança entre nossas línguas, cara!)

I think that all consulates, governments and organs that are involved with public service are horrible, not only in Romania!;) (Eu acho que todos os consulados, governos e órgãos que estão envolvidos com serviço público são horríveis, não só na Romênia! ;) )

Hey thank you so much for helping me with that website, I'm gonna take a look at it later!! (Ei, muito obrigado por me ajudar com aquele site, eu vou dar uma olhada nele mais tarde!!)

Até mais! (See you later!)
rbrumaWednesday 20th of April 2005 02:26:11 PM
- Well, the 'special similarity' consists in the fact that, even if you would have written the above post only in Portuguese, I would've understood it nevertheless.

And I never studied Portuguese.
dawn lorraineThursday 19th of May 2005 09:58:17 AM
- Romania? It's the country I love most next to mine. I haven't been there really but I read a lot about Romania. Cluj-napoca,Vlad Tepes, Transylvania, Carpathian, Spas and yes, the WOLF
XuQianThursday 19th of May 2005 06:57:55 PM
Trying to learn more - Hello! I'm trying to learn about Romania as I'm going there in August. Is there any literature (I read fiction and non-fiction) that anyone might recommend? I'm beginning to learn the language and have some good websites. But I don't have the patience to trawl through websites when I want to get more of a feel for the culture/society (eg. I read Wild Swans and some others before I came to China).
UlvenThursday 19th of May 2005 07:11:22 PM
- I adore the music of Romania. Yes, alot of it may be by the Roma (gypsies), but it is distinctly Romanian nevertheless. I integrate it heavily into my own creations.
I love the dark mythology of this country. The Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania included, even if they are often considered in their own right. All he ttpical stories, like that of Dracula, are interesting too, but the Romanian versions of these stories have been drowned out by modern versions. I don't think of Romania when I see a typical Dracula film. I prefer the documentaries that show the real places and the myths and/or real events that inspired the later tellings of the stories. I think of dark forests and castles. Usually my image of these are of dusk and nightime.
The true stories are really scary. It sounds like Romania endured alot of crazy nobles with access to too much power. But the fact is, it does make for good storytelling. I think Romania breed some of the best storytelling the world has to offer. Alot of the superstiscions we know today are said to have originated here.
rbrumaFriday 20th of May 2005 02:49:58 PM
- As a quick note... Often the 'true stories' are just remnants of medieval legends, with the added mystery of being old and somehow remote. For a Romanian who studies in school about the reigns of Vlad Ţepeş (for example) and his military, political and economical achievements, the 'Dracula' legend is very unattractive.

And contrary to what one might think, Vlad is represented in Romanian literature and even in everyday speech (when not trying to sell something to some tourists eager to find out where 'Dracula' lived and how much blood he sucked during the night) as an example of a harsh but righteous ruler. Even the capital, Bucharest, can be said that it was 'founded' by Vlad, because it first appears in a decree signed by him.

So, beware of too much myths. They can be interesting, but also misleading.
JamesRaynerMonday 20th of June 2005 02:32:59 AM
Dear Delia - Romania is the best country in Europe. I love everything that comes from it. The music especially. I love Ozones- Dragon stei dientii and I loved the 2005 Eurovision song contest entry with Sistem. It should of won and beaten Greece (although moldova were great). Also I love the feel of Romania. I have never been but every time I see a photo I fall into a dream of being in Bucharest.