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assaf_hTuesday 18th of January 2005 08:23:16 PM
Wish me luck - Ok, I need to know Romanian (both talking and reading/writing) to pass an exam at the Romanian Consulate here (for Romanian citizenship) in about a year.

I hope that's enough time. Wish me luck :)
rbrumaTuesday 18th of January 2005 09:37:56 PM
- I am sure you won't have any problems acquiring reading/writing capabilities.

You'll have, however, more problems with talking, if you do not have the possibility of currently talking / listening to spoken Romanian. Presuming that your native language is Ivrit and also taking into consideration that there are many Romanian speaking people in Israel, it shouldn't be very hard.

Anyway, best of luck!

assaf_hTuesday 18th of January 2005 09:44:38 PM
- Yes, the talking/listening part is a problem. I can listen to radio broadcasts on the net, and I can get Romanian TV channels here, if I ask the cable company for it.

As for talking, other then catching you guys on audio calls (please? :), I'm counting on my grandfather and mother (both of whom speak Romanian).

I hope that will be enough.

sandmanWednesday 19th of January 2005 01:44:21 PM
- first of all, i wish you enough of free time, which you could dedicate to romanian, and good sources of information. and luck, for all this to come to you %)

and the second - languageboy, i think your examples of hidden english words are kinda different, since 'copii' is believed to be dacian word, not latin. of course dacian is indo-european language and maybe dacian 'copil' has some connection to lat. 'copia' but i don't know it. i guess the resemblance is just phonetic.
anyway, romanian is really unique language, the study can really be lighten if you know any romance or slavic language or english.
AnyaSunday 20th of March 2005 12:48:28 PM
- [quote]Originially posted by Bruce B.:
you don't need it.
Salut, Assaf. I won't wish you luck because you really don't want to trust something this important to superstition and you really don't need it.

I will suggest, though, that you get to know Alex, the Romanian administrator. He is an outstounding teacher and, if you spend a few concencentrated minutes with him on voice Classroom, you will pick up the pronunciation quickly.

I studied pronunciation out of a book and then swallowed my pride and started reading Romanian to Alex. Within minutes, he had polished my speech to the point that i should only get polite smiles rather than stifled laughter at my attempts.

As for vocabulary, i urge you to use the cognate approach as much as possible. Many Romanian words are well disguised English words. Some are disguised cutely.

Two examples come to mind: a lucra=to work. 'Lucrative' means 'making gain or profit'

copii=children, copies of the parents.

With your motivation and drive, you will have little trouble. My other suggestion is to relax and have fun while you develop your humility and sense of humor. The Romanians i have met are very loving and patient.

So, forget about luck. You have friends.[/quote]