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AnyaMonday 31st of January 2005 01:32:39 AM
Absence - Dear Students,
I am very sorry for my extended absence this past week. I have been ill and I am still not feeling well. I hope to get well enough to be able to help in the Classroomroom this Wednesday and resume our Russian Classes (I miss them very much!).

I will do my best in the meantime to answer the PMs and emails I've received recently and try to catch up on posts while I can see.

Thank you all so much for your well-wishes!
DuffieMonday 31st of January 2005 11:42:42 PM
- As I said in the Classroom the other day, you're a workoholic! Duct tape yourself into bed and suck down some orange juice young lady, before I have to steal your keyboard.
ConfuzzThursday 03rd of February 2005 02:00:57 AM
- lol, (I still can't type the russian letters here....) some vodka would help, it always help me....