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AnyaThursday 07th of July 2005 08:50:52 AM
Новая Игра - This game exists in other discusss, and I think it would be good to play in Russian. I am sure that everyone (no matter what level) could contribute.

Simple rules. Write a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word and give a definition. :)

Let's play! Давайте играть!

яблоко- apple
следующее слово с буквы 'o'
DuffieThursday 07th of July 2005 08:57:08 AM
- You totally posted this for me to get involved :-P

While on food... why not...
оливка - Olive
joe l.Thursday 07th of July 2005 09:06:11 AM
- Continuing with food...

my note: I swear, I think I've used that word in EVERY Russian word game here! Gotta get another "a"
AnyaThursday 07th of July 2005 09:13:47 AM
- нож - knife

this is because I never use a knife to eat my oranges, I dig right into the peel
Bradley326Thursday 07th of July 2005 12:13:57 PM
- Hehe, figures I would join the thread on the letter I know the fewest words for. Oh well, I'll have to break the theme (sorry), but my vocabulary just isn't big enough yet.

моё слово: женщина - woman

следующее слово с буквы 'а'

I hope no one minds if I squeeze a question in here. What is the meaning of с when used with the genetive case as in с буквы? What is the difference in meaning between с буквы and с буквой?
joe l.Friday 08th of July 2005 07:52:35 AM
- автор

the one who thinks up the stories and then writes them in a book or magazine
jvz8aSaturday 09th of July 2005 04:42:46 AM
- ручка

Where would be our автор without one of these?
joe l.Saturday 09th of July 2005 05:52:07 AM
- he'd certainly be at a disadvantage were his missing that particular piece of his анатомия
AnyaSaturday 09th of July 2005 05:56:30 AM
- Джо ясно demonstrated that one word can carry many meanings with his last sentence!
joe l.Saturday 09th of July 2005 06:13:02 AM
- So nice of you anya to point that out. You can be so обаятельна!
AnyaSunday 10th of July 2005 10:16:01 AM
- Joe, you are excellent at telling a funny анекдот. Will you tell us one sometime in Russian?

joe l.Sunday 10th of July 2005 09:40:06 PM
- Из этого я уверен! Когда-нибудь я буду сказать анекдот.

следующее слово: тайник

this is a place you can go - maybe when you need a little "down" time or some time to yourself...just be sure to return!
AnyaMonday 11th of July 2005 12:42:17 AM
- In the downtimes, I tend to like to cuddle up with a книга, although lately I've been enjoying eBooks at a link that Joe found recently (Cпасибо!). it has the largest collection of Russian science fiction and children's writers I've ever seen. I'm slowly making my way through all the stories by my favorite authors!
joe l.Monday 11th of July 2005 09:05:19 AM
- not sure if this word can be used in this context - someone tell me please if it can't...

anyway - I'll vouch that Anya has quite the аппетит for her книги
AnyaWednesday 13th of July 2005 06:22:02 AM
- Аппетит would somehow imply that I have a propensity to drool over written literature, but used figuratively would describe my sentiments точно-- I am a voracious reader.
joe l.Wednesday 13th of July 2005 07:40:59 AM
- well then, kick back, put your feet up on the оттоманка and read that книга!
Bradley326Wednesday 13th of July 2005 08:41:42 AM
- But is she going to read a Russian book, or an английская book?
AnyaWednesday 13th of July 2005 09:14:35 AM
- In actuality, я читаю Русскую и Английскую книгу...because Brothers Strugatskie use both languages in their stories.

Edit: next letter will be ю since I stretched the rules a lil', hope that's ok guys!?
Bradley326Wednesday 13th of July 2005 09:25:33 AM
- Do the stories of the Brothers Strugatskie contain юмор?
AnyaWednesday 13th of July 2005 09:45:15 AM
- Definitely! they рассмешат до слёз as they have a lot of puns and with a science fiction edge on everyday motifs are very humorous (at least to me).