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PhoboseMonday 27th of December 2004 10:06:29 PM
Bedtime Stories - Kids learn to read from their parents with bedtime stories. Would it be possible to have such types of russian stories and tales for kids posted on the discuss? ideally...a translation of Gaston Lagaff into Russian would be great! :D

AnyaMonday 27th of December 2004 10:49:16 PM
- Phobose,
If you send me a story you would like translated, I can post it here for you :)
I will also look for some kids stories I read when I was little, but unfortunately they are rather long, so maybe we can make abridged versions of Astrid Lindgren and Kir Bulichev if anyone is interested?
totoTuesday 28th of December 2004 04:03:07 AM
- Anya

Im interested about the bedtime stories in Russian I think it will be a good tool in learning russian
PhoboseTuesday 28th of December 2004 05:42:02 AM
Bedtime Stories - Hmmm that would be very nice of you Anya.
Le petit chaperon rouge
Tom Pouce
les trois petits cochons

That will be all for now :)
If possible could we have one version in russian characters and one version in roman characters please?

AnyaTuesday 28th of December 2004 12:04:02 PM
- Ай ай (uh oh)
I cannot find those in my libraries!
Also, I don't have literary French under control. In fact, my French is rather rudimentary, so this is going to be an interesting (not impossible) challenge!

Take a look in this catalog maybe there are other books that I could get in the meantime: ?