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aeb3445Monday 11th of July 2005 12:20:56 AM
hi - i need some help in getting started learning russian...i wnat to learn it because it'll help me with would anyone suggest to get started and to find basic words?
AnyaMonday 11th of July 2005 01:21:15 AM
- Hi AEB *
I am working on generating some vocabulary lists in the discuss and Joe has made some good Word Searches and Crosswords that would help you as well...Browse around and you will find that in games and lesson posts you will find a good start for learning.

*your name reminds me of a little story/puzzle:
А и Б сидели на трубе. А упало. Б пропало. Что осталось?
(A and B were sitting on a pipe. A fell. B disappeared. What's left?)