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t-moorWednesday 13th of April 2005 12:23:09 PM
Learming Russian - Dear all, I'd like to invite you to a new discuss, where you may learn and even improve your Russian with Russian-speakers:
plus, here you may find links to free E-Books and textbooks and even books themselves, so hurry up :)
snotraWednesday 13th of April 2005 02:17:21 PM
- ohoh, site is in russian man;so it is as useless as a tiger for a fish to eat when he is hungry.:) beginers like me doesnot understand that if u hv some easy site plz tell us :) ur site may be good but i am unable to understand that :). hope u will understan the prob :)
see ur post soon.
PsycheWednesday 13th of April 2005 04:24:45 PM
- I thought it was to difficult to understand too. But it seems as a wonderful site, so I`ll check it out when I know more Russian :)
I have a site, that I think is good. But I don`t think it is the kind that you would consider as a good site for learning Russian fast or easier. Unfortunatly, I`m at school, so I can`t post the link before I get home!
snotraWednesday 13th of April 2005 05:57:50 PM
- thanx.i have a better site, ur site too is welkom, but i think & hope to u too.

my site:

PsycheThursday 14th of April 2005 01:17:39 AM
- I`ve visite that site before. It`s a good way to get Russian pen-pals from!

Here are two interseting sites! (many great pen-pals here)

And last but not least, my favourite :

Hope this was helping some of you :)

t-moorThursday 14th of April 2005 02:16:45 PM
- Interesting sites, but you're all always welcome to join my discuss and of course visit my webiste :)