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Kay-Lee NicolaevnaWednesday 17th of March 2004 01:03:28 PM
Learning from a pen-pal - I would desparately like to learn Russian. I can also give English lessons if necessary. Preferably using E-mail and instant messaging.
MaggieMacDonaldSaturday 20th of March 2004 08:17:49 AM
Is your dad's given name Nicolai, by any chance? - .
Kay-Lee NicolaevnaSunday 21st of March 2004 08:27:37 PM
- yes, how do you know that??
SpartikusThursday 15th of April 2004 03:57:15 PM
Preevyet - I am working on learning Russian. No classes or anything around where i live so been studying on my own. I have learned the alphabet and some basic phrases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also speak fluent German and English if you would like some help.
Thanks for your time.
t-moorFriday 16th of April 2004 09:45:40 AM
Zdravstvuye druzya - Hi there, I read though all of those threads and I can and will be happy to help u out,how come that a guy living in UZbekistan knows Russian u may think but hold on,lemme explain,we were the part of the Soviet Union and I know Russian just as good as Russians and in some cases better then Russians,so I 'll be happy to help ya out,I have msn btw or just visit my message board...
RilaBG89Monday 19th of April 2004 10:09:04 AM
hi - I am Bulgarian and can help anyone with Russian, I speak it too, if they need help.
image99Monday 19th of April 2004 04:15:38 PM
learning russian - hello, anyone willing to help id really like to learn russian wether it is threw the threads here or instant messenger i have msn my email is if anyone can help add me please or reply on here i can also teach english if needed i am very capable thank you
t-moorTuesday 20th of April 2004 08:15:58 PM
I can help y'all out - Hey if y'all willin' to learn RUsian join my board,I already have some people over there from this board,and i am helping 'em out with Russian,so come along:
The link is on my signature as well called World of Letters
anschub86Monday 03rd of May 2004 08:16:56 AM
- Hi.I'm looking for people for conversation in Russian.I'm in my last school year now and I'm going to write my final examen in Russian.
AmericanGirl78Wednesday 05th of May 2004 04:21:27 PM
- I'm also looking for anyone willing to help with Russian lessons. I'm fascinated with both the Russian language & culture & am also planning a trip to Moscow next Spring.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I can also be reached through AIM & ICQ(info included in my profile).

Thanks in advance! ;)
RussianWannabeMonday 30th of August 2004 05:11:29 AM
- Rila, would you please be able to teach me russian? I really want to learn it. Post a reply asap as I would like to learn through e-mail.
tenthcrossSaturday 09th of October 2004 06:31:07 AM
Wanna Learn Russian - Well i too am looking for for some to guide me through Russian. I hope that someone can come across to help me.:)
oksimoronasSaturday 04th of December 2004 05:28:41 PM
I could also use some Russian :) - Я тоже небыл бы против росписатся скем небутъ по руский и улучит своего знание руского языка. Лучо скем небутъ кто его хорошо знает :)
Мой email
Жду ваших писм ;)
AnyaSunday 05th of December 2004 08:42:21 AM
- Здравствуй Оксиморонас (Hello Oksimoronas)
I would be glad to help you. If you would like, I can correct your Russian sentences...
You can practice in a new thread here in the discuss!
Жду отзывы (Waiting for comments)