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joe l.Friday 22nd of April 2005 07:19:04 AM
Next Word Search Puzzle - OK - for anyone who liked the first try at a word search, here's the second installation. As requested, the words are given in English, find them in the puzzle in Russian. After a few days I can provide the words in Russian as well as a link to the solution. This puzzle is еда и напитки, or "Food and Beverages". Good luck, and again, any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

joe l.Wednesday 27th of April 2005 05:18:34 AM
For those interested, solution key to puzzle 2 - For anyone who attempted the puzzle and wants the solution key, here it is, linked so it doesn't spoil it for anyone who sees this later..


Should I try to make more?
learnmoreWednesday 27th of April 2005 05:54:41 AM
word search - This is very interesting. I am a complete newbie to all of this. How did you learn to do this?
joe l.Wednesday 27th of April 2005 07:12:37 AM
- Learn to do the puzzle or the Russian? The puzzle was easy - it's just in Microsoft Excel, then uploaded to a hosting website and linked.

The Russian is what PhraseBase is for! And hopefully by making these puzzles I can help a few people pick up some vocab...