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ConfuzzSaturday 05th of February 2005 05:31:26 PM
question.... - on my bottle of smirnoff, it's kind of hard to read, and i can't type in the russian alphabet here for some reason, but I can do it everywhere else.... "smirnovsc(or k?)ai(or ya?) vodka.... is that right? Смирновская Водка (ok, it works if I type it into notepad and copy and paste it, why won't it work on this site typing directly to it.... how would you transcribe Смирновская Водка? that's what I'm working on right now until I have time to actually take classes and study to learn the language, just picking up random words and phrases in either latin or russian letters and converting them to the other....
AnyaSaturday 05th of February 2005 06:20:33 PM
- Smeer-nov-ska-ya is right, or the way you have it, that's correct also. The trouble with transcription is that it is pretty personal, you can make it however helps you remember the pronunciation.

In terms of typing in Cyrillic here, I've run into this problem before, if you want to PM me a little more information about what Windows OS you are using and what your language and regional settings are...we can try to figure out what's happening.