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AnyaThursday 03rd of March 2005 05:55:04 AM
Russian Class - Brainstorming--

To make the most of Russian classes, I think they should be split into two sessions that are at convenient times for students.

Classroom is in the process of being upgraded, so soon it will be nicer to learn in the classroom.

In the meantime, propose we make up a better schedule.
One class a week should be going through written phrase lessons and working on pronuciation, and a second class should be designated to immersion. Each one should be at least one hour long.

If you are interested in this type of format, please suggest times that would work for you and I will make sure that we can find a common time to meet. :)

I am also open to other suggestions on format, content, days, etc. Please let me know what you think!

JohnnyCrowFriday 04th of March 2005 11:29:39 AM
- I like the day and time like it is, but I'm fairly flexible and can be there on any given day at least at 6:00 PM CST or later (later being up until 10:00).
ConfuzzWednesday 09th of March 2005 12:49:10 PM
- lol, there is no perfect time for me because of how erratic my schedule is.... but that seems fine as far as the content is concerned....

here's a suggestion.... are you the only one that can teach russian here? it'd be nice if you had an assistant or something and you could share your lesson plans and objectives for each class with him/her and allow the assistant to hold a class at an alternative time for those that can't make the normal classes and it can also be used as a review for those who can make it.... and also doing this enables classes to be held if for some reason you need a break or can't make it to teach a class.... and another thing, I found this out in college after taking classes I took in high school and didn't do to good in and having to retake classes I failed in college, some people learn better when being taught by different people, if someone's having trouble learning from you, maybe htey'll have a better understanding from the assistant....

I'm kind of tired, I'll post some more ideas later on.... (like creating images to be put in sigs and they're only given out for certain achievements in class or whatever....)
AnyaWednesday 09th of March 2005 01:18:16 PM
- Excellent ideas!
I think you are right, different people learn in different ways. If my way of explaining the material doesn't work for someone, I think it would be extremely helpful to have someone else's take on it.

I believe that students can also be teachers in the class, I welcome anyone in the class to participate and share what you are learning from all the different resources!

Ok, without further ADO, we'll hold class again on Wednesday Nights, and move it one hour back to give me a chance to get home.

20:00 EST Wednesday or 1:00 GMT (Thusday for that time zone).

TheChildofInnocenceThursday 10th of March 2005 01:07:01 AM
- I usually can't make nights unless it's late nights (01:00 EST) on wednesdays, so will lesson plans be posted every week? Or will it be every several weeks?

Thanks for the help. :)

BTW: When will more audio files be posted?
AnyaThursday 10th of March 2005 02:02:39 AM
- Hi TCOI,
I'm sorry about the time incongruence, although I am usually up at that hour and can help you if you have questions.

In terms of lesson plans, I am following the Lesson Summaries and most students are now somewhere between 4 and 6. I catch everyone up as we go along.

As for audio files, I am looking for more space on my school server, and I will be making some time to add them soon! (I just need a place to put them so that you can hear them).

TheChildofInnocenceThursday 10th of March 2005 02:43:43 AM
- Thanks so much Anya! :) Срасибо!

Just as a side note, I'm amazingly excited because I met a guy on ICQ from the Ukraine who is trying to learn English, and he's helping me with my Russian! I learned something new today -- Я тоже! Me too! :) I'm very excited about learning, and this site has done so much for me already. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Anya, for helping me take one step closer to a dream and passion of mine. :) Thanks to everyone.
snotraWednesday 13th of April 2005 02:26:31 PM
- ohoh ,
Anya i would like to ask u two questions.

1.according to which american time u generaly visit this site & Classroom room? (actually i havent seen u in Classroom room in my 1.5 months life on pb.):) i would certainly love to join this class. thr any plce for beginners here?

rest thing i would like to discuss with u in details if u hv some time.:)
waiting to join russian (i am quite serious!!)