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AnyaWednesday 11th of May 2005 11:49:33 AM
Russian Classes - Is there still interest in weekly Russian classes?

As long as we can find a consistent time and day, I will be more than glad to help answer student questions and go through short lesson plans, as we have done in the past.

I think the a/v problem with my computer has been fixed (had to get a different computer).

Please let me know if you are interested, and if there are times/days that work best for you?
Druhim VanashtaWednesday 25th of May 2005 12:29:03 AM
Russian Class - I would LOVE to learn Russian! I have always loved the way it sounds. Unfortunately, I don't even know the basics (alphabet, pronounciation, etc.) Do you think you could still teach someone who is starting out with nothing?


tess-mTuesday 31st of May 2005 03:11:04 PM
Russian Classes - I'm definitely interested, I have always been fascinated by Russian. Like Chelle though, I don't even know the basics of alphabet and pronunciation.

jvz8aTuesday 31st of May 2005 08:21:57 PM
- Привет, Аня! :)
Я тоже хочу принимать участие в русском классе. Мне должен учить много, потому что я хочу очень хорошо говорить по-русски.

(Исправляй мои ошибки, пожалуйста ).
DuffieThursday 02nd of June 2005 07:17:35 AM
- Ha! I've totally fallen off the edge of the world... and you were having computer problems again? Shame, child, Shame :-P

Tuesday would be Godly if we could start it up again. I'd like to get back into it.
AnyaFriday 03rd of June 2005 01:25:19 AM
- хорошо, давайте найдём время удобное для всех.
(Good, let's find a time that works (is good) for everyone.)

So far Tuesday seems to have one vote, anyone else have preferences? I think we can combine and catch everyone up, so even if you've never come to classes before, please speak up.
joe l.Friday 03rd of June 2005 08:44:34 PM
- There definitely seems to be enough interest again. I'd love to see a few of the students we haven't seen in a while come back too.

I think I'm even looking forward to a class! ;) Anyday would work for me!
Dragon_RiderFriday 03rd of June 2005 08:47:22 PM
- привет

I'd love to learn!! i only know things like hello, bye, how are you etc, otherwise i havn't got a clue!!

anyways hope that it will start again! (i'm new here, so i havn't been to any classes before!)

пока, Ben
jvz8aFriday 03rd of June 2005 09:57:38 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by joe l.
Anyday would work for me![/quote]

For me too. But what time? If I may suggest, after 03.00 GMT.
Bradley326Saturday 04th of June 2005 12:59:01 AM
- My work schedule changes every week, so unfortunatly I can't plan ahead of time to attend classes on certain days.

I sat in on a couple just after registering with phrasebase and I enjoyed it, even just observing. So whatever day/time you all choose I will try to attend, assuming my schedule for that week permits it.
Glemte_HageMonday 06th of June 2005 08:28:05 PM
- I'd lvoe to learn, I got a "6 week course" the other day featuring a few cds, a coursebook and a dictionary- I think this method will work better, anytime is fine by me
PsycheTuesday 07th of June 2005 10:17:04 PM
- Oh, a Russian class would be great! Not sure that the time would be convenient for me as it seems like most of the other students are living in America! Not that you have decided anything yet though :)
kayre2Wednesday 08th of June 2005 04:01:42 PM
- I'd really love to join in too. I've managed to teach myself some bits and pieces like the alphabet, hi, bye, how are you (inf), etc. nothing that can be put together to make anything of much sense though.
I'm in Australia (GMT +10) so I'll probably have problems getting the right time, but Tuesday after 3pm my time doesn't work for me. What do you need to be able to join a class?
DavidoffFriday 10th of June 2005 06:30:11 AM
- I would love to learn. My grandpa never taught me anything. so anytimes good :)
vertigoFriday 10th of June 2005 08:26:47 AM
- I'm interested, too. I'd be grateful for the opportunity, so whatever time everyone feels comfortable with would be okay with me. I can work my schedule around that.
jkpg1284Saturday 11th of June 2005 01:10:14 AM
- I'd love to learn as well. I can sort of read the alphabet but not really well. And apart from a few words I know absolutely nothing.
What time will the classes be? Tuesday is fine for me. :)
Beaver6423Saturday 11th of June 2005 12:18:49 PM
- I'd love to take Russian classes. Any day at any time would be fine for me. I know the alphabet, a few words, and some grammar basics.
AnyaSaturday 11th of June 2005 11:06:14 PM
- I haven't forgotten about you guys!

Here's what I'm proposing:
I'm out of town this week June 12th -19th, but the following week, lets set up a class on Tuesday. It is the one day a week that I should be home fairly early and not be heading out later and more of you expressed that Tuesday/Wednesday would work.

If Tuesdays at 2400GMT works for everyone (this would actually be Wednesday in Europe and East), then we can work those in on a weekly basis, and if you would prefer a weekend, I propose Saturdays.

I will be starting school in August, so at that time we can figure out a better class time and day. How does this sound?

Tuesday, June 21 at 2400GMT will be the next class in the Classroom classroom and if it's crowded we will migrate to Skype.
jvz8aSaturday 11th of June 2005 11:23:53 PM
- Unfortunately I cannot be here at that time :(. Weekends would be easier for me.
Good luck with the class :)
Dragon_RiderSaturday 11th of June 2005 11:36:39 PM
- Tuesday works fine for me, i shall be here Miss Anya :)


JohnnyCrowSunday 12th of June 2005 06:25:54 AM
Sounds good - Sounds good to me. I'll be there on Tuesday.
jackielyn7Tuesday 14th of June 2005 02:17:56 PM
Class - Hey
Can I come to the class too? I still need to learn basics as I dont know anything yet! Is that ok?
Also, I am a new member..can someone direct me on how to get to the "classroom" for the tuesday class.
PsycheTuesday 14th of June 2005 05:14:07 PM
- Could we start on on Sundays as well? Perhaps I and Javier can join the classes then! :)
livingfree53Friday 17th of June 2005 09:56:15 AM
- I would like to join the class too.
russian10102Friday 17th of June 2005 05:35:53 PM
- privet, ya hachoo spraseet kak vi peeshatee pa russki ?
txgirlFriday 17th of June 2005 10:08:30 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by jackielyn7

Can I come to the class too? I still need to learn basics as I dont know anything yet! Is that ok?
Also, I am a new member..can someone direct me on how to get to the "classroom" for the tuesday class.
Same here, I would love to learn. Please let me know
livingfree53Thursday 23rd of June 2005 06:35:46 PM
- Did the class meet Tuesday? I tried to find it in the Classroom room but did not see anything happening last Tuesday about 19:00 Eastern time in the US.
AnyaThursday 23rd of June 2005 07:00:27 PM
- strange, we were there from 19:00 to almost 21:00 EST.
Are you sure you were able to get into the Classroomroom?
livingfree53Saturday 25th of June 2005 08:05:47 PM
- I believe so. I clicked the Classroom link on the website menu. Is there more I needed to do?
AnyaSunday 26th of June 2005 02:49:23 AM
- Livingfree, just make sure that when you enter Classroom, the little circle towards the upper left of the screen (by the Login) is green. That way you'll know that you've been able to successfully enter the Classroomroom. When there are many members online, it is sometimes quite difficult to get in. I am guessing that's what kept you from seeing the class on Wednesday (there were a lot of people in the Classroomroom). Click to reload the browser to make sure you get to the green light and can come into the classroom.

I hope that you can join us next time!

AnyaSunday 26th of June 2005 03:09:02 AM
- About next time.

Saturdays seem like they will work well at 17:00GMT (make sure you have the right time)...for me it's 12-noon in the EST time zone.

See you then, and ask questions as you find them!
anyaFriday 01st of July 2005 08:20:44 PM
This Saturday, July 2nd - I won't be able to effectively get to a computer this weekend in order to have a class of our usual length. There are 15 people staying at my house, and I have to be a good hostess. If I somehow convince them all to come join in the class, then we may have 15 Russian guest lecturers...but unfortunately, I would rather not tell people that there is a class, when I'm not at all sure that I can make it!

Please practice going through the next lesson together, and send in the words you guys found!

I'm so sorry for not being able to make this class.

Beaver6423Tuesday 05th of July 2005 11:51:49 AM
- I'm sorry but I won't be able to make it for the next class. Would someone make a transcript for me if its not too much trouble? Thanks :).
Dragon_RiderSaturday 09th of July 2005 10:15:01 PM
- привет

Just wondering if the class was going to take place today?

if so i was wondering where, cos the Classroom doesn't work for me :(


AnyaSaturday 09th of July 2005 10:37:35 PM
- Classroom doesn't work for me either Ben, but I would like to have class anyway.
Here is how you guys can reach me:
Skype: kayguarnay
AIM: kayguarnay
YIM: mtclimber_81
MSN: kayguarnay@hotmail

If everyone has skype we can easily move the class there, otherwise we can figure out a common IM program!

Hope to hear from you guys in 30 mins 12:00 PM EST or 17:00GMT.


Joshbyb1Wednesday 13th of July 2005 03:45:49 AM
Can I Join the class? - Hi,
I am new to russian and I am wondering if I could join the class? I've always wanted to learn Russian.