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NorushkaFriday 24th of June 2005 11:30:19 PM
Russian-exchange partner - Hey, I'm Russian, looking for exchange partners to improve my English! 8-}
joe l.Friday 24th of June 2005 11:52:56 PM
- Hi Norushka!

You can Email or PM me if you'd like (click on my profile)! My Russian is pretty rudimentary (I've only been learning for a few months), but I'm learning. We'd also love to have another native speaker on the Russian discuss here. C'mon over!

morganlovesyouSaturday 25th of June 2005 12:43:58 AM
Russian - Hello, my name is Morgan and i'd really love to speak Russian. in return i can teach you english and maybe even some french if you're interested. email me!
iwannabeakittySaturday 25th of June 2005 01:08:40 AM
hello - hi, i would like to improve my russian skills and i could help you with your english and/or some german if youre interested. just email/PM me. thanks. - Lexie