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totoWednesday 19th of January 2005 07:29:15 PM
Russian Haters - I just wanted to write a quick note about all those people that put down or talk trash about Russian and other languages, I wont give the names of the people that are acctually saying all that.
All languages are beautiful and unique, no matter what language it is,we all here at Phrasebase come to study languages and not politics, you people need to stop talking bad about the Russian language, if you want to discuss Russian past history ( during the cold war ) then you need to go somewhere else.
Russia is a wonderful country with very very nice people, I have never had any bad experiences with Russian people, I dont care if their country was bad or good but I care about their culture and language and I think Russia is a country extremely rich in culture, I will be taking a 15 day tour to Russia next year, thats why Im studyng Russian, so next time you want to talk bad about Russian grab a book and study Russian history first before you open you mouth.
JohnnyCrowWednesday 19th of January 2005 07:37:39 PM
Agreed - I agree. Each language is interesting in its own way. Sometimes such history, such as the cold war, isn't the people of Russia's fault, it's their government. And it's not like the people of Russia hate Americans like the Taliban do.
laimuckaWednesday 19th of January 2005 08:44:19 PM
me too - I also agree. As a person, who lived in Soviet Union and now lives in independent Lithuania, I do understand that all bad things happened not because of fault of some nation. To my mind, it was caused by regime buit on belief that there is one and only good ideology.

Besides, the most beautiful poetry I've ever read was in Russian.
sandmanWednesday 19th of January 2005 08:45:49 PM
- 2JohnnyCrow & toto:
yep, all the languages and cultures are interesting and unique, and the political talks should be left aside here.

but what i want to say, is that you can hardly find a government with clean hands throughout the human history. and russia was not the only participant in the cold war. each country's government did mean deeds. not only concerning other countries but its citizens too.

laimucka, i don't want to initiate a flame here
but usa is driven by the same belief %))

there's a fashion of blaming the soviet union for everything

but there was definitely quite a lot of things, that was really good in soviet union. people were better.

one example - yesterday i saw on tv a small report in the news, about local lost-property office. people that have been working there for more than 20 years told some interesting facts. in soviet union the office was full with lost things, since people brought there every somebody else's thing they find - money, even not big sums. this time the office is almost empty - only several umbrellas. this time people rather take things for their own, or just don't care, just pass by (they don't think that someone would die to find it back), or demand a reward for their find. the most of honest people are over 20.

laimuckaWednesday 19th of January 2005 09:11:08 PM
- :) yes, let's not initiate flames.

If to look objectively, I believe the "one and only truth" is a very effective tool to unite populice. No wonder if it is used by politicians all over the world.

leilluThursday 20th of January 2005 12:21:51 AM
- it's nice to see for some people who are interested in personality. cause even i'm not russian i'm tired to explain that nationality doesn't characterize person and in fact russian language is very beautiful and so rich!
AshleeSaturday 22nd of January 2005 09:27:40 AM
- If I cared about the history of a country I probably would not study German. What happened not so long ago is not the fault of German people or culture - both are wonderful. But sometimes things that happen in history can leave a bad taste in your mouth and every time you hear something about that language it reminds you of it, which is the reason I tend to keep my distance from World War II movies - I don't want my interest in certain languages to become lessened because of history...

So what I am saying is that it isn't fair to "talk trash" about other languages and cultures, but in a way I can understand, if someone has had bad personal experiences, why they might feel that way.

Personally I love everything about Russia/Russian. I would ignore horrible comments.