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totoThursday 24th of February 2005 09:03:49 PM
Russian Movies - priviet

I need to know where I could get russian movies, spoken in Russian and with English subtitles.
If somebody knows of a place to get them please let me know

joe l.Thursday 24th of February 2005 09:45:33 PM
- Privet, Toto!

Do you have Borders bookstores in Texas? I was just there the other day here in Pittsburgh, and I saw a few titles. One was "Burnt by the Sun", EXCELLENT film, I'd recommend it. I also saw "Russian Ark", which I haven't viewed yet. Both are subtitled in English.

Most larger bookstores will also order items for you. You could try that. Two other films I'd recommend are "Урга" and "Прогулка"

Hope this helps a little! Пока!


AnyseWednesday 13th of April 2005 05:51:05 AM
For Russian Movies with subtitles - For Russian movies with subtitles, you may want to try Netflix if there is a location near you. I have found many of the "best" Russian movies there.

Also, there is a great sight for getting Russian movies retail, it is:

Nice stuff there!!!