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AnyaFriday 29th of October 2004 12:38:14 PM
Russian PHRASES 01 - Click here to see a list of all PHRASE lessons.

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The Cyrillic Alphabet (33 letters)

Upper case, lower case : pronunciation: English equivalent (if applicable)
There are at least two ways to pronounce the letters in the alphabet, they are listed.*
Rather fast-paced until I can shrink down the file size!
А,а : (Ah) : a in 'Ah'
Б,б : (Beh) : b in 'bet'
В,в : (Veh) : v in 'vent'
Г,г : (Geh) : g as in 'good'
Д,д : (Deh) : d in 'dent'
Е,е : (Ye) : y in 'yes'
Ё,ё : (Yoh) : yo in 'yo-yo'
Ж,ж : (Jeh) : like French 'je'
З,з : (Zeh) : z in 'zephyr'
И,и : (Eee) : ee in 'meet' but longer
Й,й : (Eee kratkoe) : in words it's like 'yih'
К,к : (Kah) or (Keh) : c in 'cat' or ch in 'chemistry'
Л,л : (Leh) or (Ehl) : l in 'let' or El in 'El dorado'
М,м : (Meh) or (Ehm) : m in 'men' or em in 'emotion'
Н,н : (Neh) or (Ehn) : n in 'nail' or en in 'enter'
О,о : (Oh) : o in 'oh my!' or 'on'
П,п : (Peh) : p in 'pear'
Р,р : (Reh) or (Ehr) : r in 'rex' or er in 'correr'
С,с : (Seh) or (Ehss) : s in 'set' or es in 'chess'
Т,т : (Teh) : te in 'tempo'
У,у : (Ooo) : oo in 'oops'
Ф,ф : (Feh) or (Eff) : f in 'felt' or eff in 'efficient'
Х,х : (Heh) or (Hah) : very airy, like in 'help' or "heart"
Ц,ц : (Tseh) : the 't' and 's' are pronounced at the same time if you can imagine.
Ч,ч : (Cheh) : ch as in 'chess'
Ш,ш : (Sheh) or (Sha) : sh in 'shephard' or sha in 'shark'
Щ,щ : (Shcheh) or (Shcha) : *audio coming soon!
Ь,ь : (Mygkii znahk) : not pronounced, it’s a soft sign.
Ы,ы : ( ) : this one is not possible to transcribe in English, come to Classroom to evaluate.
Ъ,ъ : (Tvyordii znahk) : not pronounced, hard sign.
Э,э : (Eh) : eh in ‘echo’ *notice the difference from the ‘zeh’ sounding letter earlier!
Ю,ю : (You) : just like ‘you’
Я,я : (Yah) : ya in ‘yacht.’ This letter also means ‘I’ but is not capitalized unless it comes first in a sentence.

*When reading words, the "vowel additions" are removed. More on this in future lessons.