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RollerThursday 14th of April 2005 08:44:03 AM
Russian Poetry - My main reason for learning other languages is so that I can write in more than just English, and I hope to someday be able to write poetry with French, English, German and Russian in it, a kind of hybrid.

I was wondering if anyone knows of some Russian poetry that I could use to help me?
Thursday 14th of April 2005 05:20:59 PM
- May be I can be of help? I am Russian and I write verses by myself too :)
joe l.Saturday 16th of April 2005 08:54:14 PM
Птичка - Found this peom recently and i liked it. Written by Alexander Pushkin,

Птичка (Little Bird)

В чужбине свято наблюдаю
Родной обычай старины:
На волю птичку выпускаю
При светлом празднике весны.

Я стал доступен утешенью;
За что на бога мне роптать,
Когда хоть одному творенью
Я мог свободу даровать!


In a foreign land I faithfully observe
A native rite of olden times:
I liberate a little bird
During the shining fete of spring.

My heart is filled with consolation,
How can I grumble at God's will
If to but one of his creations
I can bestow sweet liberty!

AshalindMonday 25th of April 2005 06:55:05 AM
- If you go to, you'll find there lots of Russian poetry, be it from "golden age" (Pushkin, Lermontov), "silver age" (Gumilev (the favorite of mine!), Block, Mandelstamm) or from the current times. If you look for a bleeding edge try e.g.
stormgoblinMonday 25th of April 2005 11:41:33 AM
- dude, i like that. that's nice. thanks. it's almost anti-christian, and yet so eloquent.