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AnyaMonday 21st of March 2005 07:41:46 AM
Russian Puzzles - See if you could guess what is being talked about. You can write the answer in Russian or in English.

Нас семь братьев:
Летами все равны,
А именами разны.
Отгадай, кто мы!
Bradley326Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 08:39:57 AM
- I'll take a stab at it...

Вы говорите о семь континентах?
(You're talking about the 7 continents?)

That's the only answer I could come up with, 7 continents all the same age, yet named differently. I just hope I read the riddle correctly. Oh, and I hope I wrote my answer correctly in Russian, I'm not really sure what to do with семь. Does its change like a normal adjective, or does that only apply to saying 7th, 19th, 8th, etc.
Fantom604Wednesday 23rd of March 2005 06:16:21 AM
- The 7 dwarves? (brat'ev is brothers, isn't it?)

sandmanWednesday 23rd of March 2005 05:27:40 PM
- 2Bradley326: "...о семи континентах"
this is the prepositional case in russian, it equals in form with the genitive (at least, for cardinal numbers %)

noone of you were right... but i guess it would be not fair if i would answer %)
i'll give another one instead -
без окон, без дверей - полна горница людей