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totoThursday 20th of January 2005 09:41:49 AM
Russian words - I have a question about some Russian pronuntiation,according to my book any Russian word with an ending of ( ъ ) should be pronounce like ( y ), by example:

Дверь == should be pronounced like ( dvyery )

and some people has told me that I should say it without the Y at the end.
Can somebody correct me please?
AnyaThursday 20th of January 2005 10:16:18 AM
- An audio answer to help you come up with a transcription scheme that works for pronunciation:


The "Y" is only a convenience to remind you that it is NOT a sharp "R" like if you wrote without designating the soft sign [ь]: dver

I like to use an apostrophe for this because it is not associated with a letter and serves to remind of the effect on the preceding letter: