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ZiqueMonday 06th of September 2004 09:54:49 AM
Russian - I want to learn Russian within a few years. There are no schools around here, so I hope someone can teach me Russian as I help them in English.
JohnnyCrowSaturday 22nd of January 2005 05:00:05 AM
Hey - I'm not a fluent Russian speaker, but I already see we have a lot of things in common (language wanting to learn, age, location). As for learning Russian, I recommend you attend the Russian classes on Wednesday nights at 6. Anya is a good teacher. Also, you can read her lessons for a quick start to the more common words and phrases.
AshleeSunday 23rd of January 2005 07:35:08 AM
- I recommend the New Penguin Russian Course by Nicholas J. Brown; I use it and it's excellent. It's one book and quite cheap. It would be useful on it own or in addition to classes.