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SigurRosThursday 02nd of December 2004 07:17:47 PM
Translate something for me? - I know how to say "hey how are things" In Russian, and I know some of the responses that can go along with that. My question is, how do you say "what about you?" or "and you?" - redirect the question to the person that asked it.

Anyone willing to translate that for me would be a great help. Takk,

Bless bless- Julie
JulzFriday 03rd of December 2004 02:25:35 AM
- Simple:
а вы (formal/more than one person, pronounced: ah vy)
а ты (informal, pronounced: ah ty)
There is nothing complex to it at all.
SigurRosFriday 03rd of December 2004 01:40:11 PM
:-) - Thankyou very much, Julz!!!

bless bless, Julie
JulzFriday 03rd of December 2004 05:49:09 PM
- No worries, any time.
allunchikWednesday 08th of December 2004 06:12:27 AM
- Well, it depends on the question you answered. For example: if you're asked "Как ты?"("How are you?") you can add after your answer "А ты?" ("And you?"). But if you're asked "Как дела?" ("How are things?") you better add "А у тебя?" (smth like "and yours?") because the object that has been asked is not you but your things.