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AnyaSunday 26th of June 2005 11:00:14 AM
Vocabulary II -

In the kitchen - На Кухне

When you walk into the kitchen, there are a few things that are visible and some you have to look for. Do you know these in Russian and can you find them in your kitchen?

1. Refrigerator
2. Stove
3. Sink
4. Milk
5. Frying Pan/Skillet
6. Knife (Knives)
7. Fork (Forks)
8. Spoon (Spoons)
9. Cutting Board
10. Dish Soap
11. Cup(s)
12. Plate(s)
13. Napkin(s)
14. Microwave
15. Bowl(s)

* More advanced students, or on review, try to make sentences indicating how many of each item you have in your kitchen. If you have not yet learned numbers and counting, wait, or refer to Numbers which will give you a starting point. Cardinal numbers (ones that tell how many of an object there are), change in case, but this will be mentioned in depth at a later lesson. For now, give it a try like a bulleted list, or in simple sentences and send it to