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Rob711Thursday 26th of August 2004 08:23:31 PM
Want to learn - I'll be adopting a Russian child in the near future and would like to start learning Russian. I really want to do this to make it easier to communicate with my new daughter. Any help and ideas on where to start would be welcomed.
AnyaFriday 27th of August 2004 06:28:47 AM
- First off, I would like to laud you on your decision. I remain tremendously impressed and proud of people that consider adoption to improve the lives of many children that are yet left behind in our world. Furthermore, I am impressed by you in that you'd like to give your child the gift of keeping her native language. This speaks volumes of your character!
I wish you the very best and I will be delighted to help you learn Russian by phone email or writing.
How old is the girl you will be adopting?