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AnyaSaturday 30th of October 2004 03:05:19 AM
Russian PHRASES 02 - Introduction to Russian Pronunciation
You will find that in Russian, most words are pronounced phonetically as written with some standard exceptions.

Format: Letter - pronunciation (highlighted)


А,a - like fAther.

Е,е - like YEs.

Ё,ё - like YOghurt.
[In all but academic literature, this letter is replaced with 'e' and it is therefore hard for a beginner to tell the proper pronunciation of words that have this letter. Fortunately, they are close and if you default to 'e' you will be understood.]

И,и - bEE

О,о - Object
[In certain words, for ease of pronunciation, this letter takes on a slight 'ah' sound. It will become inherent with more practice as sometimes it is difficult to "wrap one's mouth around the 'o'"

У,у - bOOk

Ы,ы - bill and what you hear in WimblEdon
[This is the closest English approximation for the sound of this letter and it is NOT perfect. This sound is very odd for most people to pronounce.]

Э,э - pEt or Echo

Ю,ю - YOU

Я,я - YAcht


Б,б - Book
В,в - Vent
Г,г - Good
Д,д - Den
Ж,ж - Je from French is the closest
З,з - Zinc
Й,й - York (it adds a sharp 'ye' sound to words
К,к - Kelp
Л,л - Lake
М,м - Moon
Н,н - Not
П,п - Pebble
Р,р - Retina
С,с - Set
Т,т - Tent
Ф,ф - Fence
Х,х - Heterozygous
Ц,ц - sprits
Ч,ч - Check
Ш,ш - Shephard
Щ,щ - SHEar like 'shch'

cebu_snackerSunday 31st of October 2004 02:44:09 AM
- you know RUSSIAN too??!!

:D lol WHOA!
cebu_snackerSunday 31st of October 2004 02:45:03 AM
- how do you remember all these languages?
scalpelSunday 13th of February 2005 03:12:42 PM
regarding cebu_snacker - hi there!i'm new to this website.i'm a medical student but i love foreign languages.i'm a filipino so maybe i can help you in your desire to learn may post your message here or you may reach me at my e_mail
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