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AnyaMonday 03rd of January 2005 10:50:33 AM
Russian PHRASES 13 - Click here to see a list of all PHRASE lessons.

Format Used:
English Phrase
Russian Phrase /English Transcription (with stressed syllables)/


My name is .....
Меня зовут.... /MENYA ZAVÓOT/

What is your name?
Formal: Как вас зовут? /KAK VAS ZAVÓOT/
Informal: Как тебя зовут? /KAK TEBYA ZAVÓOT/

I am .......
я.... /YA/

Who are you?
Formal: Кто вы? /KTO VI/
Informal: Кто ты? /KTO TI/

May I introduce you to .....?
Можно вас познакомить с....? /MÓZHNO VAS POZNAKÓMEET' S/

I will introduce you to .....
я вас познакомлю с.... /YA VAS POZNAKÓMLYOO S/

This is my wife
Это моя жена /EHTO MAYÁ ZHENÁ/

This is my husband
Это мой муж /EHTO MOY MOOZH/

This is my girlfriend
Это моя девушка /EHTO MAYÁ DÉVOOSHKA/

This is my boyfriend
Это мой молодой человек /EHTO MOY MALODÓI CHELOVÉK/

This is my friend
(m)Это мой друг /EHTO MOI DROOG/
(f)Это моя подруга /EHTO MAYÁ PADRÓOGA/

This is my son
Это мой сын /EHTO MOI SuiN/

This is my daughter
Это моя дочь /EHTO MAYÁ DOCH'/

This is my mother
Это моя мама /EHTO MAYÁ MÁMA/

This is my father
Это мой папа /EHTO MOI PÁPA/
Эть мой отец /EHTO MOI OTETs/

Nice to meet you
Приятно с вами познакомиться /PREEYÁTNO S VÁMEE PAZNAKÓMEETSA/
sandmanWednesday 12th of January 2005 06:33:53 PM
- i think /MOYÁ/ is better represented as /MAYÁ/
and /PAZNAKÓMEETSYA/ as /PAZNAKÓMEETSA/ - the first variant is used also, but the second is more widespread

the stress falls on the last syllable in /MENYA/ /TEBYA/ and /OTETs/ and on the first syllable in /EHTO/
AnyaWednesday 12th of January 2005 08:10:30 PM
- Oh good!! I've been looking for someone to bounce ideas with.... It's always a question of how to transcribe (with English letters) because people pronounce very differently!
Once the audio comes up though, I think it will be better.

I am also really excited to see that you are good at "catching commas" ... I've always put too many in and my teachers would castigate me for it (here in the US that is) now I leave commas out. Help with reclaiming my Russian over-punctuation would be greatly appreciated ;)