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AnyaMonday 03rd of January 2005 11:28:26 AM
Russian PHRASES 2A - This section serves to standardize the way that you will see Russian Phrases transcribed within the lessons, and in any posts that I will make from now on.

**If you have suggestions for improving these transcription schemes, please let me know and I will gladly amend them for ease of use!**

Ь = when in the middle of a word will be designated by '
= when at the end of the word will be designated by making the preceding letter lowercase:
можешь понять /МOZHESh PONYAt/ (can you understand)

This will signal that both the "sh" and the "t" need to be softened.

Ъ = rarely seen, but will be omitted because it only adds a slight emphasis to the letter that precedes it.

Ы = most commonly substituted by 'I' and 'I"' but I would like your input on this transcription as it varies from word to word and student to student. Please write me your best transcription of the following words (click for sound):

Автоматный - automatic
Быть - to be
Выбор - choice
Грибы - mushrooms
Сыт - (he is) full

SchnorkWednesday 05th of January 2005 02:28:09 PM
- Actually I am not sure where the stress is in понять. Is the "o" reduced? I could not tell with the "tinny" speakers on my laptop.
AnyaWednesday 05th of January 2005 02:36:00 PM
- Here it is separately, maybe that will help?
The stress is spread out across two syllables, but the 'я' takes the primary stress: понять

*The 'o' is pronounced as a slight 'a'

sandmanThursday 13th of January 2005 07:07:49 PM
- the problem is that with plain latin alphabet we will have drawbacks anyways
e.g. using SH we must think out a way to convey 's' followed by 'h' as in word 'схватить' and many others.
if we designate single 'h' as 'kh' there'll be problems with 'k' followed by 'h' (there're not many such words though).
if we use 'y' in the sequences like 'ya', 'yu', 'yo' we lose a very good candidate for denotement of 'ы'
and i think, we should reserve the apostrophe for the hard sign ('ъ')
and too many big letters looks clumpy in my opinion %)

enough of criticism %) time to propose something %)
- i think we should use small letters for simple sounds, such as 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f', 'g', 'h' etc.
- big letters we can use for the sounds like 'sh' (S), 'zh' (Z), 'ch' (C), 'shch' (SC), 'eh' (E)
- 'j' we can use for the short 'i', and also in the 'ya' - 'ja', 'yu' - 'ju', 'yo' - 'jo', and also as the palatalization sign after consonants
- 'y' we can use for 'ы'
- use apostrophe as 'ъ'
- underline a letter to indicate the stress

the full alphabet mapping is as follows:
а - a (like u in english 'cut')
б - b (b in bark)
в - v (v in violet)
г - g (g in good)
д - d (d in door)
е - e (e in send)
ё - jo (yo in yolk)
ж - Z (s in pleasure)
з - z (z in zoom)
и - i (ee in deed)
й - j (y in lay)
к - k (c in cat)
л - l (l in lame)
м - m (m in mother)
н - n (n in name)
о - o (o in pot)
п - p (p in peace)
р - r (r in bread but trilled)
с - s (s in silk)
т - t (t in trace)
у - u (oo in foot)
ф - f (ph in photo)
х - h (h in khmer (can't think out a better example))
ц - c (ts in pittsbourgh)
ч - C (ch in chest)
ш - S (sh in sharp)
щ - SC (sh in sheep)
ъ - '
ы - y
ь - j
э - E (a in about)
ю - ju (u in use)
я - ja (ya in yaht)

so the abovementioned words can be transcribed like that:
можешь понять /moZESj panyatj/
Автоматный /avtomatnyj/ (i think автоматический /avtomatiCeskij/ is a better translation of 'automatic')
Быть /bytj/
Выбор /vybor/
Грибы /griby/
Сыт /syt/

it's just a proposal, maybe it will take many editions before it'll be used. and maybe it won't be at all %)

scalpelSunday 13th of February 2005 03:29:39 PM
- privyet anya!i'm new to this website.i hope you can help me with my russian.poka!