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bluey002Saturday 21st of May 2005 12:06:43 PM
Common expressions - The Slovak culture to this date has preserved the custom of "greeting" or acknowledging the presence of another person based on a situation or time frame. Because one can be aquainted with various people on formal or informal "terms", the greetings accommodate this additional aspect of the language. The most common greeting in Slovak is "ahoj" which has the honour of being a multi-purpose word. It can be said when you are meeting a person or persons the first time (as in Hello, Hi or Hi you all), when you leave a group or a person (Bye, Good-bye all), or when you are introduced to someone. Sometimes there is more than one word for the same greeting.


Ahoj: Hi, bye to one person
Ahojte: Hi, bye to two or more poeple
Zdravím vás: Hello
Nazdar: Hello
Servus: Hello, Good-bye


Dobré ráno: Good morning (used until
Dobré predpoludnie: Good morning (seldom used)
Dobrý deň: Good day (used after until dark)
Dobrú noc: Good night


Dovidenia: Till I see you again, Good-bye
Zbohom: Go with God

Čau: Good-bye
Ahoj: Bye

Ano/Nie - Yes/No

Ďakujem. Podobne. Thank you. The same to you.

Prosím: Please OR You are welcome (in response to Ďakujem)
OR here you are OR please, help yourself, OR after you.

Nech sa páči: Here you are OR please, help yourself OR after you.

Šťastnú cestu: Have a nice trip.

Veľa šťastia: Good luck!