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flexistrawTuesday 24th of August 2004 09:01:33 AM
Hi Everyone! - Hi Everybody! This sure seems like a great community. I would really like to learn Slovak so if anyone has any idea how I would go about doing this that would be great. Thanks!
olsovskyWednesday 25th of August 2004 01:37:49 AM
Ahoj :) - Hi,
my name is Jozef and i saw your message. You wrote that you want to learn Slovak. Do you know any slovak words already ?

Have a nice day.

flexistrawWednesday 25th of August 2004 08:24:44 AM
- Hi Jozef thanks for replying :) I only know a few phrases such as "how are you?, good night, good, and cheers". So I really am a beginner at the language. Have a great day too!!

jaredhamillSaturday 02nd of October 2004 07:42:51 PM
- I am interested in learning Slovak as well. I don't have any previous understanding of the language.
MelonheadSunday 10th of October 2004 04:39:01 PM
Slovak - I am in the process of teaching myself to speak Slovak. It is difficult since I don't have anyone to use the language with. I have a family background in Slovak and would like to surprise my Baba and speak to her.
If someone who speaks slovak could maybe write me a few sentances that i could translate on my own and reply to that would be great!