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Mark_BloomfieldMonday 06th of December 2004 04:45:05 AM
Introduction to spain - hello! salut! :)

i'm from port elizabeth, south africa.

i'm trying to learn a bit about spain, the country.

is anyone willing to write a bit for me about spain? i want to know what the country is like...the tourist attractions etc etc...
i like barcelona.

i hope you can help me
you can reply here, or you can mail me at

thanking you

chinita96Monday 06th of December 2004 06:11:47 AM
- Spain is a beautiful country. I loved it when I went back in 2000. I stayed in Madrid for a month and traveled to a few places outside of Madrid: Barcelona, Toledo, Salamanca, and another city I cannot remember the name, but there was a beautiful aqueduct with a legend to it.

It has a lot of history and I enjoyed it very much. Barcelona's atmosphere reminded me of Miami, Florida. It is right next to the ocean, so there is quite a bit of humidity and the ocean breeze makes the weather very nice. The people are very active, but Barcelona is also a very touristy area. Of all the places I've been to, I would have to say Barcelona was the most touristy area. Toledo was a very small and quaint little city. It does have a lot of shops catering to tourists, especially sword shops... you will find them practically everywhere. I bought a sword myself as a souvenir. But the area outside of the tourist attractions are even nicer and more historic and beautiful.

I can go on about the other cities as well, but of all of them... I prefer Madrid. I can't pinpoint what it is about Madrid, but I was thinking of moving there someday. I had a wonderful time in Spain, and if you ever go some day... I'm sure you will enjoy it too.

One thing I did attend to, just out of curiosity, was a Bull Fight. It was gory and disgusting, we left after 30 min of the fight.. but I am glad I went. I had to experience it for myself. There are different views about Bull fights, some people find it to be part of Spain's tradition and enjoy it, and some find it cruel and hate it. That is something for you to decide.

So, overall... I find Spain to be beautiful and full of rich history that I enjoyed learning about. My trip to Madrid was for a Study Abroad, and I learned a lot. I would definately go back and do it again someday.