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morprussellSunday 27th of March 2005 02:50:50 PM
Merce Celebration - Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about the Merce celebration. I was in Barcelona for the celebration this year, but I was unable to get a clear explanation about what was being celebrated. Any information would be great. Thanks.
agapotineladaSaturday 09th of April 2005 10:46:49 AM
- hey!
all that i can say is that merce is a virgin from the catholic church...
in barcelona is called...LA virge de la merce and i guess that they r just honoring the virgin merce
milleskerSunday 01st of May 2005 04:48:55 AM
Merce Holiday - It's true. Merce is a verge and she is honored in this holiday. Is a local holiday but is the major in Barcelona. It's tipical concerts, performances and a full agenda.
Its celebration is the barcelona holiday.