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instigatorFriday 19th of March 2004 04:53:45 AM
My Sympathies - I just want to express my heartfelt sympathies to everyone in Spain who was directly or indirectly affected by the terrorist bombings on March 11th 2004.

I have a question open to all Spaniards and would like to get their opinion.... The newly elected liberal government of Spain is said to have won the election directly because of the terrorist bombings.

This set's a frightening new presidence, that an entire countrie's government election outcome can be so easily swayed by an act of terrorism... just strengthens the cold reality of terrorism's effectiveness to elicit changes in societies attitudes and behaviors.

So my question is this... do you believe the liberal government beat the incumbent conservative party because A) the previous government's actions of joining forces with the US and Brittan in the war on Iraq... OR B) The previous government's deceitful early insistance on blaming the Basque seperatists ETA for the bombings.

Which of these two reasons weighted more heavily in determining the outcome of the election?

Thanks - instigator