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myprofeSunday 12th of December 2004 12:36:09 PM
Training - Training - Todayís volatile job market and the increase in the need for language skills have heightened the debate over whether companies should hire skilled workers or train the workers they hire. Some believe that itís not what you know but what you can learn thatís the key to success in todayís workplace. So what about language skills? The results of a recent survey conducted in Hong Kong found that most people believe their English ability is either average or below average and that this has a significant impact on their ability to find work. They also showed high support for on-the-job language training and increased funding by the government as incentives to continued study. The survey concluded that functional or situation based communicative methods taught in small groups are much more successful than traditional language instruction. Itís up to employers and their local governments to decide how to address this issue.