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morprussellTuesday 22nd of March 2005 07:18:34 AM
Destinos Video Program - You can watch the Destinos video series for free @

To watch online you will need to register, don't worry it's easy. Then simply click on the icon next to the show you want to watch (VoD Icon). It would also help to have a faster internet connection

For those of you who don't know what Destinos is, here is the official information.
"Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Understanding of Spanish and appreciation of many Hispanic cultures increase as students become absorbed in the mysterious and entertaining story."
AndieMonday 04th of April 2005 07:54:41 AM
¡Gracias! - Nunca he oido de Destinos. Gracias por la informacion, Morprussell.
SupermouseTuesday 05th of April 2005 03:56:36 AM
- Gracias!

I will watch it.
gvdan08Tuesday 05th of April 2005 01:48:26 PM
- OYE AMIGO!! Gracias!

creo que yo he oido de esto... tal vez en mi clase de español mucho tiempo antes.. voy a ver si lo conozco.

...y.. donde esta Maryam???