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gvdan08Wednesday 04th of May 2005 12:18:10 PM
Dialects - Give some examples of regional, continental, country-to-country differences in the Spanish language.

try to note some peculiarities in different countries: Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, etc.
jvz8aWednesday 04th of May 2005 12:25:47 PM
- Fortunately these differences do not affect seriously the communication among Spanish speakers. But sometimes you can get some surprises:
In El Salvador, prestar means to borrow: "Le presté dinero a mi primo". If you say that in Mexico, everybody would understand that you lend him money.
JMPHFriday 06th of May 2005 10:45:02 AM
- I don't know a lot of spanish. But, one think I learned is that, "andar" which means "to walk". Can in Mexico or possibly other places be used in a sense of friendship or romance. Someone would say, "¿Quieres andar conmigo? Meaning, do you want to be my friend or girlfriend or boyfriend etc.
gvdan08Friday 06th of May 2005 01:59:17 PM
- yeah, i think you're right.
fiamma_gtTuesday 31st of May 2005 08:44:13 AM
The word "papaya" is a fruit's name in many countries, included my own, Guatemala. But in Dominican Republic, for example, it means prostitute.