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morprussellMonday 02nd of May 2005 06:13:51 AM
Diccionario de Español - Hace poco tiempo encontré este sitio. Contiene un diccionario español - español. Espero que les ayude a Uds.
gvdan08Wednesday 04th of May 2005 12:07:01 PM
- Hey that's really cool!

That dictionary gives a lot of examples, showing different meanings of the word, etc. etc. much to my suprise! a dictionary?? give meanings??? what?

anyway, thanks for the link.

jvz8aThursday 05th of May 2005 10:29:18 AM
- También pueden consultar el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua en línea. La dirección es [url][/url]
Angel_AmeriaTuesday 07th of June 2005 01:19:41 PM
And for the non-fluent... - I find this dictionary very helpful, since I don't know enough spanish to navigate those two properly :-D
Druhim VanashtaFriday 01st of July 2005 04:30:57 PM
- Excellent dictionary site, Angel. Thank you for posting that.
Angel_AmeriaThursday 07th of July 2005 05:24:51 AM
- ohhh, de nada ;)