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DuffieWednesday 19th of January 2005 09:25:06 AM
El Zócalo - I came up with this idea, and my Spanish teacher agreed, that it would be nifty to have a discuss dedicated to general Classroomting in Spanish, and Spanish questions. Not like, taking away from PhraseBase at all, this is more geared toward just having conversations and a new outlet for all the Hispanohablantes out there with not many sites to frequent.

El Zócalo

Constructive Criticism, please.

Join if you wish, it may very well become another tight community!

Wednesday 19th of January 2005 03:12:25 PM
- Gracias, Duffie. no hablo espanol bien, yet. But I do write letters to my brother in Spanish (with a dictionary next to me) and have written posts in phrasebase (which I accidentally deleted lol). So, Im excited to just chit-Classroom en espanol. I'd like to find such a site in French and Swedish and Danish. They're the only languages I can chit-Classroom without a dictionary next to me. But if the community atmosphere is good at El Zocalo, it'll inspire me toparticipate often. Because of my French, my Spanish becomes easy if I've been writing it a couple of days in a row. Gracias. Este tiens un son beunos para mi.
HayleyWednesday 19th of January 2005 03:53:33 PM
I've joined - Pues, creo que es una buena idea, Duffie! Qué bonita el diseño del website es. Si algo puede ayudarme con mi español, luego, me gusta!

totoWednesday 19th of January 2005 07:12:08 PM
Help - Hello Everyone!!

Duffie thats a great idea, please let me know when,and what time are you going to have this Classroom in Spanish, I would love to help you guys, Spanish is my native language, good luck and never stop learning