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BuckjackSaturday 12th of March 2005 08:49:15 PM
Finding my feet. - Estoy intentando aprender espanol. Solo entiendo un poco. Me gusta cafe, el viajar y me encanta leer.

I used the phrasebook to write this. You can probably tell. I hope that by reading and listening to enough Spanish, it will stick.

Can anyone translate that last sentence to Spanish for me? Espero (that by) (leer?) y escuchar espanol suficiente... (After that I'm lost, since I'm using an idiom).

Is it alright to post like this on here? If not, many apologies.
MaryamTuesday 15th of March 2005 02:44:17 AM
Buckjack - "Espero que a medida que lo lea y lo escuche se me quede"

That would be the correct translation. It is built using the verbal tense or mood called "subjuntivo".

Some useful information about it you can find it here: