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Janis1Saturday 02nd of July 2005 11:38:04 PM
french/spanish - Hi,

I would like to practice spanish. I can help in french.
Quiero hablar en espanol. Puedo ayudar en frances.

aeb3445Monday 04th of July 2005 11:56:22 PM
hola - puedo ayudarte en espanol pero necesito auyda en frances porque viajare a francia para un ano de intercambio...gracias
Janis1Tuesday 05th of July 2005 01:51:55 AM
- Hi, Hola aeb3445!

Thanks for your help in Spanish / Gracias para ayudarme en espanol.
I can help you in French/Puedo ayudarte en frances.

When could we talk / Cuando podemos ablar ?

I can't be online during the spanish lessons but I can be around 9/10 p.m (french hour) every weeks. (don't know how to say that in spanish)

Hope to talk soon !