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ZepellinThursday 25th of December 2003 11:52:09 PM
I speak Spanish...but for now.... - Hello. My member name is Zepellin (obviously), and I would like to say that I speak Spanish but...not the Castilian Spanish. I speak the Latin American Spanish. I wrote "for now" on the Subject message because I am going to take a Spanish class at my college to improve my native language and maybe that will sort of change my Spanish; or, perhaps, I will be learning the Castilian Spanish.
Well, this message may be useful for those that would like to learn Spanish and would like a little more information from the person that you would be interested in helping you with your Spanish.
Thank you.
Pyros_amanteFriday 12th of March 2004 09:54:00 PM
hi - I would like to build up my Spanish, I don't speak Castilian Spanish but I was wondering if you can help.
ArzeahMonday 22nd of March 2004 07:50:40 PM
I want to improve my Spanish! - Hola! I speak some Spanish - learned first in Mexico, used some in New York and when visiting friends in Puerto Rico...I also sponsor a child in La Republica Domionicana.
I'd like to connect with someone who can speak/email with me a bit to help me improve. Im a fairly well rounded beginner.
rainbowFriday 09th of April 2004 06:07:31 AM
- hi, is there someone who would like to help me with some Spanish language? This summer i will go to spain, and I would like to communicate a bit there.
ZepellinMonday 12th of April 2004 01:16:53 PM
This was sent to my email....and it's in Spanish... a little too vulgar perhaps....and slangy too... - If the Subject title can't be shown all, for some reason or another, I will write it here again:

I am going to Paste something that was sent to my email, by a friend, that is like a joke/little story, that is suppose to be funny, depending on the person, and it is a little too has like a few cussing words....and those, I would not like to teach to someone who is learning Spanish.....but, I figured, it is in Spanish so I decided to post it.....(If that is alright with you guys....[I hope I did not or don't offend anyone]). Well, thank you, and here it is:

El pasado fin de semana, de viaje por la carretera, paré en una gasolinera para echar gasolina y aproveché para entrar al baño.

El primer sanitario estaba ocupado y pasé al siguiente. En cuanto me senté con el pantalón abajo de la rodilla, el señor de al lado dijo:
-"Hola, ¿qué haces?"
No acostumbro a hablar con desconocidos y menos en el baño, pero mi calidad de viajero incógnito me animó a contestar.
-"Pues aquí, de viaje hacia el norte".
-"Y se puede saber de qué se trata?" -preguntó el señor de al lado.
-"Sí, claro -(contesté un poco forzado)- no es ningún secreto, voy a San José y luego a San Francisco".
-"Supongo que andas detrás de algún buen negocio" -dijo el señor con seguridad.
-"Sí, bueno... -(contesté totalmente arrepentido de haber dado pie a esta conversación) - eso espero ya que las posibilidades no son malas.."
-"¿Sabes qué? (dijo enojado el señor), luego te vuelvo a marcar, se le está acabando la pila al pinche celular y aquí al lado hay un Pendejo que responde a todo lo que te pregunto!".

MORALEJA: ¡Limítense a hacer lo que corresponde de acuerdo al lugar en donde están!:
Si van a misa, ¡oren! Si van a una fiesta, ¡diviértanse! Si van a la mesa, ¡coman!
Si van a la cama, ¡duerman y... Si van al baño... ¡ Ca......llense y No contesten!!!!!

Va Caperucita Roja cantando por el bosque:

- Soy Caperucita Roja, una niña muy feliz...

Cuando de pronto ve al lobo y le dice:

- Sr. lobo, !ya lo vi detras de ese arbol!

El lobo sale corriendo y Caperucita continua su camino cantando su Cancioncilla.

Despues de unos pasos vuelve a ver al lobo:

- Sr. Lobo !ya lo mire de nuevo!, esta detras de esos matorrales...

El lobo sale corriendo y Caperucita sigue su camino cantando.

Poco despues se topa de nueva cuenta con el lobo:

- Sr. lobo, !ya lo vi otra ves, detras de esa roca!

El lobo sale muy enojado y dice:

- ¡¡¡Bueno, chingada madre!!!

¡¿Que no se puede cagar a gusto en este pinche cuento?!

mexicanspyceTuesday 18th of May 2004 01:27:26 AM
tus chistes- "cuentos" - Hola, que tal Zepillin.....solo un saludo. Espero que te encuentres bien. Intgrese a phrasebase hoy para aprender Urdu y mejorar mi Italiano......pase por la lista de Español y me diverti con los chistes que anotaste estan bacanos. Ciao nene una Mexicana desde Austin, Tx
MaryamFriday 23rd of July 2004 11:39:02 AM
Pasando por aquí... - Quien desee intercambiar correos electrónicos conmigo para mejorar su Castellano- Español... enviadme un mensaje.
zarkannThursday 05th of August 2004 11:24:28 AM
whats the difference ? - whats the difference between Castilian spanish and Latin american spanish ? i'd like to learn spanish and i'm from Canada.. there is ALOTS of spanish in my country but how can i say if they are talking latin american or Castilian ?

i have few friend that come from spain.. do they talk Castilian or latin american ?

if i'm learning from Pimsleur spanish.. it will be Castilian or latin american ?

thanks for any answer :)

eilla883Monday 09th of August 2004 04:35:26 PM
- Castillian spanish is a dialect that can be associated with all of spain as it is the official language of is usually spoken with a lisp or what we would call a lisp in the english tongue in comparison to its sister language of Latin American Spanish. In the Iberian peninsula the Spanish-language area does not coincide exactly with the political boundaries of Spain. Spain contains three non-Spanish-speaking regions: Galicia, in the north-west, where Gallegan (technically a dialect of Portuguese) is spoken; the Basque provinces, in the north, where Basque is spoken; and Catalonia, along the east coast, where Catalan, also a Romance language, is spoken. Catalan is also spoken in the Balearic Islands; in France, in the Pyrénées-Orientales; and in parts of Cuba and Argentina. Depending upon which part of SPain your friend is from, he/she could speak any of the aforemetioned dialects. However, almost any language in Spain can be understood by other Spanish speakers. Latin american spanish is spoken throughout south america, mexico, and the carribean. It tends to have been englisized as many words in english have been picked up my spanish speakers. Being from texas, I can tell you that only latin american spanish is spoken here and from what ive experienced, throughout the US. However, there are defnitely exceptions.
eilla883Monday 09th of August 2004 04:40:29 PM
- forgot one thing....also throught my whole spanish academics, i have always learned two different spanish words for two things. ie ticket= billete (spain) and boleto (latin america). i have not used pimsleur myself but im willing to bet that most likely you will learn two versions of words as well. but dont worry, the variations are not dramatic at all.
zarkannMonday 09th of August 2004 05:21:33 PM
well thats is a very good answer :) - Thanks to showed me the difference.. i noticed that some times, in pimsleur we have 2 words that have the same meaning.

I also noticed that one of my friend came from Guatemala and she told me Exactly the same as you and she gave me some exemples too :)

Wow i learnt alots about that since few day.. also , she gave me some history of guatemala.. very interesting tho :P

Anywya, thanks alots again ! it will help alots of peoples :)
carmeletSaturday 02nd of October 2004 03:43:39 AM
english-spanish - Hi

I´d like to exchange my spanish for your english via voice Classroom.Thanks