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PiegusekWednesday 27th of October 2004 12:50:12 AM
Just started - Hi I have just started learning Spanish. I have good computer software but without interaction I don't know how much I can learn by myslef. Anyone can help me? Do you know any good websties that have exercises or vocab?? I could help you English, Polish or German..

MaryamWednesday 27th of October 2004 07:28:06 PM
- Hi there!

You can try QUIA which offers the most basic Spanish Vocabulary with excercices for beginners.Also you can have a look at Phrasebase section "Phrases" where you will find as well a lot of information regarding this. And as you can see here at the discuss some audio posts are good to improve your pronunciation. I hope this is helpful for you. Soon there will also be at the Spanish discuss something very close to what you are looking for.

Take care,