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JosheeBoiTuesday 19th of April 2005 10:40:10 PM
New Commer - Hola,

Como estas? Well hello there my new Spanish friends. My name is Josh. I live in Canada and I have found an interest in languages. I know conversational French. But then I wanted to learn Romanian. So I just found the basics. It's very hard (To anyone who may want to try it :)) So I gave up on it. Which I hope I go back to it. But I thought I'd try something maybe a little easier. So I picked Spanish. I might be judging it by saying it's easier. But oh well. So I'm here to start learning. And if anyone has msn, and could be of some use to help me learn the basics. Drop me a message. Have a good day.

jvz8aTuesday 19th of April 2005 11:52:17 PM
íHola! - Welcome, Josh.
Maybe I can help you with your Spanish.
My MSN is Send me a message and we'll talk.
Hasta luego. :)