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CarameliciousSaturday 09th of April 2005 09:59:44 AM
Past Tense - I am soon going to stop learning spanish in school for french, :( but I love this language. I do not yet know past tense and I want to learn it. Can somone please post the conjugations in past tense or show me how to make words in past tense.

Also* When I stop learning spanish in school expect to see me in teh spanish discuss a lot more ;). lol I want to learn how to eventually speak without pausing in spanish.
morprussellMonday 11th of April 2005 11:49:37 PM
Pretérito y Imperfecto... - This web page gives a quick explanation.



After learning both of those, it would be important to learn the difference between them.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions... I'm not a native speaker, but I could probably help you.
JMPHWednesday 27th of April 2005 10:47:58 AM
Grammar book - I also have a hard time with grammar. Recently I found a book that I just started, but I think it will be very good. It's called "Practice makes perfect, Complete Spanish Grammar."