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MaryamThursday 21st of October 2004 10:45:38 AM
Spanish Alphabet -

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Introduction. Listen and practice.

A,a : amigo (friend) Like in fAther

B,b : bandera (flag) Like in Bomb

C,c : canción (song) Like in Car

: c+e= ce, like in cEmetery. Hacer (to do)
c+i= ci, like in cIgar. Cine (cinema)
c+o= co, like in cOcoon. Colosal (colossal)
c+u=cu, like in cocOOn. Acuñar (to coin, to mint)

CH, ch : chocolate (chocolat), like in naCHO

D,d : dormir (to sleep), like in aDore

E,e : entero (whole), like in Egg

F,f : fabuloso (fabulous), like in Fantastic

G,g : garganta (throat), like in Gathered

Attention: ga : garganta, go : gorila , gu : gusto (taste)
BUT gi : gigante (giant), a little h

To make gi sound like in "ga","go"and "gu" we must write it with an "u": guitarra (guitar) amiguito (little friend)

H,h : hoja (hoja), always silent

I,i : inocente (innocent), like in polIce

J,j : jugar (to play), a little h

K,k : kilo (kilo), like in Kilometer

L,l : labios (lips), like in Laundry

Ll,ll : llave (key), very similar to Yield

M,m : mariposa (butterfly), like in Mom

N,n : Novela (novel), like in Novel

Ñ,ñ : España, like in caNYon

O,o : olvidar (to forget), like in vOte

P,p : película (film), like in Pencil

Q,q : esquina , queso (corner, cheese), like in CHemistry
Q is always followed by "u" and it always makes a sound like in "k"

R,r : pariente (family relative), like in the us pronounciation for laDDer

RR,rr : marrón (brown), rosa (rose), like in dRill

S,s : Español (Spaniard), like in Special

T,t : Tambor (Drum), like in Tool

U,u : Azúcar (sugar), like in tUtor

V,v : Vaso (cup, glass), like in Bandage

W,w : Walkirias (Valkyries, Walkyries), like in Wisconsin

X,x : xilófono (xylophone), like in teXt

Y,y : payaso (clown), like in ParaguaY

Z,z : zapato (shoe), a bit similar to the sound Socks

Practice and Enjoy!


MaryamThursday 21st of October 2004 11:40:56 AM
NOTE - Important note:

The letter CH is called "Che" or "Ce-Aache"
The letter H is called "Aa-Che"