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JLanguageMonday 11th of July 2005 07:10:52 AM
Specific Languages : New to Spanish, suggested books? - My library has many books on Spanish, but a search for the word Spanish gets 1500 hits, could you guys tell me what to look for? I am a complete beginner to Spanish, so adjust your suggestions accordingly.

Thanks for your time,
DuffieMonday 11th of July 2005 09:08:35 AM
- Well, as with any language, it's excellent to have an experienced speaker to guide you along.

For my 'brainwave', I rarely use books, so I can't recommend any good ones.

As foolish as they sound, the _____for Dummies series is actually great. Their language books (I use Japanese for Dummies) grind in a lot of the nitty gritty. Another book like Japanese Step by Step by Gene Nishi are for people who have a rigid organizational pattern. It teaches you sentence patterns and allows you to fill it in. As you get more experienced with the basic patterns, you get used to them and your fluency on those skyrockets and it continues as you chug along. If you can find a book like that, go with it. I've picked up a lot from that book.

Other people, however, are major "dialoggers" who need to see/hear examples. Well, I can't help you in that department. Another reason why working on PhraseBase is so beneficial.

As always, have a dictionary. I lost my Spanish dictionary, made me sad.

Oh, I just remembered the Teach Yourself series has helped quite a few people on this board, a few will swear by it.

If you'd like me to jumpstart you in Spanish, let me know. Contact info in my profile :-P