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deano6410Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 01:17:27 AM
Word linking - Hello, I am learning Spanish and use one of the most effective learning techniques to improve my vocabulary.
I basically link the sound of the word to an image.

e.g "Azafatas" is the Spanish word for Air stewardess, i simply imagine an air stewardess with a fat ass.

"Has a fat ass" = Azafatas.

This can be done for at least 80% of all words, so i aim to make this a thread that will eventually have hundreds and thousands of these links.

So post your favourites here, or if you are struggling to remember a word, then post it here and myself or Supermouse will do our best to think of one for you.

p.s The crazier the image the easier it is too remember.
SupermouseTuesday 22nd of March 2005 01:25:36 AM
- Yes, we were talking about this in Classroom.

Dean asked for one to recall 'ser apropritario de' - to own. I imagine a knight, Sir DE, having the 'appropriate' armour, which is of course his own, the armour he owns. But because I get the word ending wrong, I imagin him having a tarry 'O' as well.

Arroz is rice - arrows shooting into your bowl of rice (z is th, so give the archer a lisp)

Sopa is soup - soap soup! (blech)

(These last two are from a CD I saw advertised on Amazin that uses this technique to teach a 200 word vocabulary)

Tengo is 'I have' 'Go' is a Japanese game using counters. 'I have ten Go counters'.

I think despegar is 'take off' (as in flying. All I know is I imagined Garfield being deperate to catch his flight.)

Any more?
deano6410Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 01:40:50 AM
- here are a few more:

NADAR = to swim.

English slang for testicles is NADS, therefore i imagine a pair of testicles swimming across the top of a swimming pool.

GUARDAR = to keep, the word GUARD, has a similar meaning to Keep, if you wish to keep something, then you can guard it, or hire a guard.

ROBAR = To steal, i dont even need to make an image here, i just remember that a Robber steals things.
gvdan08Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 02:55:49 PM
- WHAAAT!?!?! you imagine testicles swimming across the top of a pool?

You're right, that is crazy
SupermouseWednesday 23rd of March 2005 04:04:36 AM
- Yes, but can you remember the verb 'to swim' now? :)
deano6410Thursday 24th of March 2005 01:50:19 AM
- exactly Supermouse.

The more crazy and shocking, the better you will remember it.
SupermouseFriday 25th of March 2005 08:14:20 PM
What is your name? - Llama is name. I think. (lyAHmah to my English ears). I can say 'Me llamo Supermouse'. But to ask someone their name? It came up on live Classroom.
¿Cómo te llamas? is informal. ¿Cómo se llama? is formal, I was told.

So I think of a comedian called Como who wants to greet people. He drinks tea when he is relaxing, and sits in his S shaped chair. When he is formal, he puts the S shaped chair under the E shaped table and gets rid of the tea.

So: Como te llamas? Como se llama?

Aprendiendo. Learning. I have trouble with finding an image for this one. Estoy aprendiendo espanol. Despacio! (This path I walk slowly down to remember despacio, slowly)