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blueboyThursday 31st of March 2005 08:50:35 AM
writing in Spanish - option+e+letter you want to accent =////

LinguoGuyTuesday 26th of April 2005 09:18:39 AM
Writing in Spanish - I think you are referring to the "Alt Codes" for the accented letters and the "enye". Here's how to type each accented letter:

=(Alt key)+160(on the number pad)
= Alt+0233
= Alt+161
= Alt+162
= Alt+163
= Alt+164
= Alt+165
= Alt+168
= Alt+169

jvz8aTuesday 26th of April 2005 09:59:52 AM
Las que faltan - = Alt + 181
= Alt + 144
= Alt + 214
= Alt + 244
= Alt + 233
= Alt + 129
= Alt + 154

gymboy689Wednesday 27th of April 2005 02:27:17 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by blueboy

option+e+letter you want to accent =////


that's how you do it on a easier way on a pc (other than alt codes) is get a spanish keyboard layout and type with a spanish layout instead of american/english
MoMo19Monday 02nd of May 2005 11:23:02 AM
- You can also use ctrl to add an accent, but that only works in Word. Hold ctrl and ' at the same time, then type the letter. And to get the n w/ the tilde... ctrl, shift, ~ at the same time, then n.
pretoriousTuesday 03rd of May 2005 02:12:34 PM
- Those with Fedora can install the spanish rpm and type without using numeric keypad (as in mac)

Alt + A =
Alt+a =
Alt+q =
Alt+i =
Alt+r =
Alt+z =
Alt+Shift+? =

and so on ...

gvdan08Wednesday 04th of May 2005 12:14:42 PM
- when I hold ALT and try to type numbers or letters, an error sound chimes.

When i do this in WORD or OUTLOOK, it works fine. is there some magical way to do this in a web browser? this has been bugging me, I hate having to switch between Word and the browser to copy and paste those characters... AYYYYY