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bennylinThursday 16th of December 2004 01:25:05 PM
a - A new game has born. the next person can only post starts with the letter B. then the next person starts with C.
RawkstahThursday 16th of December 2004 02:01:55 PM
b - bennylin how did you ever come up with this game?
AnyaThursday 16th of December 2004 07:56:54 PM
C - Could it get any better than this? I think not! The X and Z sentences will be fun!
bennylinThursday 16th of December 2004 08:36:26 PM
- Due to my trip to another discuss! :)
tmoonFriday 17th of December 2004 01:34:12 AM
- Er... can't think of anything :). Better get my 2 cents in before this game ends...
dj_ghostly_licksFriday 17th of December 2004 02:57:29 AM
- For goodness sake.. is this the best I can do? I do have a better one but I dont think Im allowed to say it, lol.
Friday 17th of December 2004 04:52:47 AM
Given the circumstances.... Happy holidays for everyone!!!
fiamma_gtFriday 17th of December 2004 05:02:49 AM
Given the circumstances... Happy holidays, everyone!!!!
AnyaFriday 17th of December 2004 06:48:58 AM
- How wonderful is it to be here? It makes me want to hop in an airplane and come visit everyone!
tmoonFriday 17th of December 2004 06:55:57 AM
- If you do then make sure to visit me on the Isle of Man! We've got a spare room for you and you can visit the UK and Ireland whilst you're at it...!
tinkerbFriday 17th of December 2004 07:03:50 AM
Just remember to bring the presents; we've got the eggnog.
bennylinFriday 17th of December 2004 07:15:19 AM
- King County is a county in Washington where i live. It's quite pleasant to live here.
tinkerbFriday 17th of December 2004 07:24:01 AM
L -

Let´s drink to that!
Friday 17th of December 2004 08:02:21 AM
- Man! what time is it now?
bennylinFriday 17th of December 2004 08:02:54 AM
- Man! What time is it now?
RawkstahFriday 17th of December 2004 08:16:01 AM
n - Nine o clock i think. . . .
tinkerbFriday 17th of December 2004 08:33:23 AM
O -

Oh no, can that be? It is getting late and there is so much left to do!
Friday 17th of December 2004 10:34:23 AM
- Presently i'm studying for my final...
bennylinFriday 17th of December 2004 10:34:53 AM
- Presently i'm studying for my final...
tinkerbFriday 17th of December 2004 10:55:56 AM
Q -

Quite the evening you have before you! Study hard and do well!
bennylinFriday 17th of December 2004 12:50:17 PM
- Rest is what i need most now... my neck is very stiff! hardly slept yesterday.
tinkerbSaturday 18th of December 2004 01:00:59 AM
S -

Sleep today after your exam! It'll feel good to be done with.
bennylinSaturday 18th of December 2004 02:04:34 AM
- That's right. But i still have 2 homeworks due today... after final!!!
AnyaSaturday 18th of December 2004 04:45:45 AM
- Ultimately, you will have a break to rest up, but it's hard to see it when you're in the middle of it all. I remember that feeling!
tinkerbSaturday 18th of December 2004 06:57:48 AM
V -

Very good advice, Anya! Breaks are always the best way to recover from exams.
RawkstahSaturday 18th of December 2004 12:36:35 PM
W - What happens when we're out of letters? this isn't just going along with the game i really want to know what happens. . . .
bennylinSaturday 18th of December 2004 01:37:21 PM
- X-tra works is what i need for next quarter.
AnyaSaturday 18th of December 2004 03:13:40 PM
- Yowser! I think that once we get to 'Z' we can go back to 'A' again? or maybe go in reverse...who's up for a challenge? Let's keep this going!
bennylinSaturday 18th of December 2004 03:15:46 PM
- Zamn it! Actually i don't want to get this letter 'Z', but i have to tell you that once we finish, we turn to letter '1' until '0' then 'A' again.
RawkstahSunday 19th of December 2004 04:58:08 AM
1 - 1 time at band camp. . . .
bennylinSunday 19th of December 2004 05:23:44 AM
- 2 bad i'm still have assignments to do... *sigh*
tinkerbSunday 19th of December 2004 06:33:20 AM

3 times the charm!
bennylinSunday 19th of December 2004 06:35:05 AM
- 4 someone special this Christmas present
AnyaSunday 19th of December 2004 07:05:25 AM
- 5 digits on one hand.
tinkerbSunday 19th of December 2004 10:11:21 AM

6 geese a laying...
trishSunday 19th of December 2004 10:25:30 AM
- seven swans a swimming?
tinkerbSunday 19th of December 2004 11:25:23 AM
- Ok, it´s a stretch but...

Cause on the EIGHTH day, God made sweet tea
-Cravin Melon

Yea, it's a Southern thang.

bennylinSunday 19th of December 2004 01:06:46 PM
- nine ugly ducks in the pool. why nine? i don't know, maybe the other one is still somewhere else.
tinkerbSunday 19th of December 2004 01:22:35 PM

10 minutes til bedtime...
bennylinSunday 19th of December 2004 01:27:06 PM
- Ah... you should've start with 0. Now let's start over again.. yay... :D
trishSunday 19th of December 2004 06:41:18 PM
- 0 tolerance...
bennylinSunday 19th of December 2004 07:50:06 PM
- Again, we start over from A and i got the letter A for the 3rd time ^,^
tinkerbMonday 20th of December 2004 12:12:23 AM

Bennylin, does that make you triple AAA? Agent Striving's cousin?
agaci0rekMonday 20th of December 2004 01:37:05 AM
C - Can anyone tell me what it is all about? ;)
tinkerbMonday 20th of December 2004 01:41:30 AM

Definately, my friend. But first a question to you: what do you mean by "it" ? This post, the discuss, life (there is already a post discussing this), or...? :)
AnyaMonday 20th of December 2004 02:02:33 AM
- Earmark this as the "Sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet" game. I still think we should try to go in reverse after "Z." Anyone?
bennylinMonday 20th of December 2004 04:10:57 AM
- Fine, anya. so it will getting harder, huh?
tinkerbMonday 20th of December 2004 11:25:51 AM

Great! A challenge is always a good thing. Let's skip the number part makes everything very nonsensical.
RawkstahMonday 20th of December 2004 01:23:49 PM
- how many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
bennylinTuesday 21st of December 2004 01:42:58 AM
- I'm not sure... why not one?
tinkerbTuesday 21st of December 2004 01:59:13 AM

Just because there is one doesn't mean a man should walk down it! But if there are multiple, take the road less traveled.
Tuesday 21st of December 2004 08:55:10 AM
- Keep this quote:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost.
bennylinTuesday 21st of December 2004 08:55:54 AM
- Keep this quote:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost.
RawkstahTuesday 21st of December 2004 09:04:26 AM
- Lose that quote and bennylin will be very upset. he might cry. i know i'd cry.
AnyaTuesday 21st of December 2004 10:07:07 AM
- "Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed."
-Blaise Pascal. I think he's got a point. I feel like there are many roads to take at the fork in the road!
tinkerbTuesday 21st of December 2004 10:51:08 AM

Nor should it be such an easy choice. Sometimes the best path is revealed in the most subtle of ways, and you will know when the time is right for a certain path.
bennylinTuesday 21st of December 2004 11:45:31 AM
- Oh.. that's a good quote from Pascal. i like that guy.
tinkerbWednesday 22nd of December 2004 01:22:12 AM

Perhaps Pascal had a number of life-altering experiences? I also wonder how people become so wise.
RawkstahWednesday 22nd of December 2004 07:34:22 AM
- quotes from famous people are fun to read. I especially like Einstein's quotes. they make me laugh.
AnyaWednesday 22nd of December 2004 08:19:23 AM
- Rawk, I agree with you and here is one of my favorites:
"Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value."
-Albert Einstein
bennylinWednesday 22nd of December 2004 03:22:44 PM
- Somehow, i just doesn't have enough time to do all what i want to do. but that is normal, right?
trishWednesday 22nd of December 2004 06:26:44 PM
- Timing? Some say timing is everything, what say you?
tinkerbWednesday 22nd of December 2004 10:22:49 PM

Ultimately, a lot of life boils down to timing. That's no to say that it interferes with one's choices, but the success of certain decisions is predicated upon synchronicity.
RawkstahThursday 23rd of December 2004 05:46:42 AM
- Very good point tinkerb.
AnyaThursday 23rd of December 2004 06:04:39 AM
- What this makes me think of are moments in time right after making a commitment to an adventure. Those are my favorite as they come with excitement, tension, and a tinge of fear; after which, incredible things begin happening. A cascade of unexpected events unfolds into a fantastic journey that I am single-handedly responsible for.
tinkerbThursday 23rd of December 2004 08:36:45 AM
Xylophones are great instruments!

Thanks for listening to this commercial announcement, and now back to our regular programming...
trishThursday 23rd of December 2004 09:02:58 AM
- you'll never know till u try your hands on them!
tinkerbThursday 23rd of December 2004 09:30:45 AM
Zebras are a girl's best wait, was that diamonds? Frost yourself!
AnyaThursday 23rd of December 2004 10:12:31 AM
- Zoinks! Now we get to go backwards, "Y's next!" Why?...I don't know!
RawkstahThursday 23rd of December 2004 11:34:50 AM
- Yay! i love going backwards it makes me look at everything in a different perspective!
trishThursday 23rd of December 2004 01:20:21 PM
- x-ray and xerox and xylophone and xenomania , xenophile and xenophobia and the x-file and of course X'mas! are just some of the words that begin with X !
tinkerbThursday 23rd of December 2004 11:24:45 PM
Way cool-backwards rocks.
trishFriday 24th of December 2004 01:18:36 AM
- vaguely rock, rock bottom and shame on you. (no offend, just a line taken from Bridgit Jones Diary -the edge of reason ...any one falling off, very funny show....hang in there, heard there is part 3)
bennylinFriday 24th of December 2004 03:48:42 AM
- Uniqueness of each sentences plus the rule that force you to begin each sentence with certain word, make this game attractive
tinkerbFriday 24th of December 2004 04:53:09 AM

Two plus two is five!

Er, let me think that through again...
RawkstahFriday 24th of December 2004 08:21:35 AM
- Sam is my real name not Rawkstah.
AnyaFriday 24th of December 2004 08:26:19 AM
- Right. I'll remember that! There will be a quiz at the end. ;)
tinkerbFriday 24th of December 2004 08:40:38 AM
Quite a good name! I used to watch Bewitched when I was little, and the main character's name is Sam (short for Samantha) as well. :)
bennylinSaturday 25th of December 2004 02:38:32 PM
- Please refer me as benny too :D but i think everyone knows that alrighty...
AnyaSaturday 25th of December 2004 07:55:30 PM
- Ok, I will remember everyone's name if they tell me...that's my new goal! How about nicknames anyone have interesting ones? (with stories)
tinkerbSunday 26th of December 2004 04:17:32 AM
Not especially (in my case). You all already know my nickname: Tinkerbell, but those who use it generally say Tinker or Tink. I guess there have been others over time, but nothing that really stuck so well. :)
MartaSunday 26th of December 2004 10:29:57 PM
- Marta -that's my name. Quite a good moment to discover this game:D
bennylinMonday 27th of December 2004 03:16:44 AM
- Long time ago, in a small city in in Bethlehem, a baby was born. a baby whose birth we are celebrating as Christmas :d. Merry Christmas everybody!
MartaMonday 27th of December 2004 04:32:37 AM
- Keep it up! Cause i'm getting to like this thread more and more as it forces me to thinking - and that's dificult to achieve:p
tinkerbMonday 27th of December 2004 04:43:02 AM

Jingle bells, jingle bells...
bennylinMonday 27th of December 2004 10:09:19 AM
- Indonesia had another earthquake, and thousands of people from 7 or more countries dead. my deepest symphaty for those who are loose their family or anything they have. :( :( :(
AnyaMonday 27th of December 2004 10:44:07 AM
- Honestly, since I heard about the tragedy at 1PM today, I've been gripping to any news that come through. I cannot express how discouraged I feel that I cannot be there to help!
bennylinMonday 27th of December 2004 10:47:09 AM
- Gee... actually i heard the news (my friend told me via MSN Messenger) 24 hours ago, but at that time, i saw and read the news, there was not so many victims... now it's exceeded 12,300 human lifes... *sigh*
tinkerbTuesday 28th of December 2004 01:39:32 AM

Figures today are reporting upwards of 23,000. I cannot imagine the full impact of the devastation between the lives and infrastructure. The landslides in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch probably set the country back economically approximately 20 years, and this is, in a different sense, even more devastating.

What bothers me most is the news. They keep hunting for "celebrity" survivors to tell their stories. If we are going to listen to stories, I'd rather hear from the local peoples.
bennylinTuesday 28th of December 2004 05:53:05 AM
- Errr, did anyone hear the news from Jeff? i thought he was in Phuket right now, is he okay? i sent an email asking for his condition, but he haven't reply me yet. Anya, do you hear anything about him? or anybody else?
AnyaTuesday 28th of December 2004 08:30:04 AM
- Definitely, I called Jeff as soon as I found out what was happening! He and LK are ok. I will let you know if I hear anything more.
Paul8Wednesday 29th of December 2004 02:09:49 AM
C - Can anyone tell me why the posts are goping in backwards now (I didn't want ot have to read the whole thing) and what happened to Jeff (isn't he the guy who create phrasebase???)
mohamed_am83Wednesday 29th of December 2004 05:48:29 AM
- Because it may be boring to keep playing the game forward for many times, the game is now backward.
Jeff is the author of this site, he is in Thailand, that's why we ask about him. As Anya said, he's Ok.
RawkstahWednesday 29th of December 2004 06:58:12 AM
- And yet again we've finished another round what is the starting point and rules for the next round?
tinkerbWednesday 29th of December 2004 08:30:17 AM

Better start around again with the alphabet going forwards. Last time we did numbers, but that seemed like an interruption from using the alphabet. However, it is Benny's game, so perhaps Benny can enlighten us.
NeilWednesday 29th of December 2004 03:18:07 PM
- 'cause it seems to be the same people replying over and over again, I think I'd better stick my oar in.
RawkstahWednesday 29th of December 2004 03:34:57 PM
- Does this game ever end or does it go on and on my friend? cause some people started playing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue playing it forever just because this is the game that never ends yes it goes on and on my friend. . . .
AnyaWednesday 29th of December 2004 08:48:29 PM
- Exactly! By the end we will have woven a collective history, complete with classroom sagas, deep empathy, some laughs, shared cultural values, disasters and new friendships which all ultimately bring people closer together. They promote better global understanding. Let's continue playing, just because we can.
chinita96Wednesday 29th of December 2004 08:49:21 PM
- Forward march! We continue....
tinkerbThursday 30th of December 2004 05:51:51 AM

Great to see more people involved! I think every member should contribute at least one sentence, and then we really will have the collective history that Anya described!
RawkstahThursday 30th of December 2004 12:22:20 PM
- How long do you think this thread can get?
bennylinThursday 30th of December 2004 03:23:59 PM
- In my humble opinion... (sorry, i just came back from 2 days vacation)... this can last loooong enough. the original thread from which i found this game were run thru 5337 replies before it's finally closed due to boringness :P . I say let's make it harder, after we finish this a-z, we start with a question sentence (still starting from a, b, c, d, etc)
AnyaThursday 30th of December 2004 10:06:54 PM
- Just a thought, but for each question, I think we can follow up with an answer starting with the same letter. So it would go like this:

"Just checking, but what have you been up to today?"
"Joshing around in the lab, my coworker and I have been roller-blading in the hallways!" O.o
bennylinFriday 31st of December 2004 02:04:12 AM
- 'kay, sounds good, let's do it. So there will be 2 sentences in a row with the same letter
chinita96Friday 31st of December 2004 03:57:57 AM
- -Let's do it! 2 Sentences in a row, but BennyLin forgot to start..

-Lend him a hand and show him how's it done. I will begin.
bennylinFriday 31st of December 2004 09:42:41 AM
- Maybe we can start after this round is finish. And one person still can only post 1, but the first is a question then the following post is designated to answer the question, of course this time by another player, thus make the beginning letter used twice - 1 question, 1 answer
tinkerbFriday 31st of December 2004 10:42:35 AM

Neither of the two plans outlined above seem very difficult, so either way works. I do wonder though, if the question and answer game will cause us to lose context completely (thus we won't be able to have any type of real discussion, which I would argue we have had here, albeit in a limited sense). Aren't we supposed to be composing sentences that, insofar as possible, continue the previous conversation?
RawkstahSaturday 01st of January 2005 06:28:41 AM
- okay okay i'm a little confused the next game is going to be a question answer thing or we make 2 sentances or what? or is like like one post is a question and the next answers it?
bennylinSunday 02nd of January 2005 04:24:07 AM
- Probably i'm gonna explain once more time. We finish this round until letter 'z' as usual, then for the next round / next challenge, we are going to make a series of Q & A, i.e.:
the first person says:
Anyone know what is the purpose of this game?
then the next poster -still using the letter 'a'- says:
Ask benny! :D

but remember, it will be descending from 'z' to 'a'
RawkstahTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:39:33 AM
- question and answer. ok i get it so every 2 posts will be the same letter. but one is a question and the other an answer.
bennylinTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:16:31 PM
- Right. And now i'm back to school again :D
mohamed_am83Wednesday 05th of January 2005 12:18:04 AM
- Such an endless game, i wonder when will u say : "oh, this is enough for this game"
bennylinWednesday 05th of January 2005 01:23:02 AM
- Time is not the matter here, we're all looking for an English practice
RawkstahFriday 07th of January 2005 11:58:51 AM
- Unless you already speak english. Then you play the game becuase it gets your mind working and the responses are interesting.
bennylinFriday 07th of January 2005 03:31:51 PM
- very right you are... i think i was speaking for myself, and forgot the rest of you :D forgive me
RawkstahSaturday 08th of January 2005 04:53:28 AM
- well i will always forgive you. (we're almost at Z again i can't wait to start the new challenge!)
NeilSaturday 08th of January 2005 04:36:35 PM
- X-actly what I think!
trishSunday 09th of January 2005 12:57:27 AM
- yoyo is a game that goes up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n up n down n............any other ways as long as you can sustain it!
NeilSunday 09th of January 2005 02:14:03 AM
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
RawkstahSunday 09th of January 2005 04:21:10 AM
- Zebras are supposed to be mean animals aren't they?
NeilSunday 09th of January 2005 04:32:47 AM
- Yes, of course they are!
tinkerbSunday 09th of January 2005 05:21:03 AM

You hear the one about the newspaper?
bennylinSunday 09th of January 2005 03:48:15 PM
- you bet. But there are a lot of news out there, and i'm not sure we read the same news
RawkstahFriday 14th of January 2005 06:59:31 AM
- Xavier is a cool name isn't it?
bennylinFriday 14th of January 2005 01:49:35 PM
- Xena is more... remind me of person with the name starts with X
RawkstahSaturday 15th of January 2005 04:36:45 AM
- who watched that Xena the warrior princess show anyway?
bennylinSaturday 15th of January 2005 08:07:32 AM
- well, it was a long time ago when i was stupid enough to see such thing :D - along with a movie series called Hercules.
chinita96Monday 17th of January 2005 08:55:11 AM
- versus Beastmaster, which do you prefer?
bennylinMonday 17th of January 2005 01:40:41 PM
- very easy... i don't like them all (right now), but then, i think i'd choose hercules, just because it had a mythology story that i liked when i was child
rawkstahFriday 21st of January 2005 01:49:31 AM
- uhhh, how about favorite cartoon?
chinita96Friday 21st of January 2005 04:45:09 AM
- Underworld might be cool if it were a cartoon! It was a good movie. I think my favorite cartoon would have to be Home Movies on Adult Swim ;)
bennylinFriday 21st of January 2005 05:50:02 AM
- That is on the Cartoon Network, isn't it?
rawkstahSunday 23rd of January 2005 11:25:42 AM
- too bad i don't get cartoon network or i'd know the answer
bennylinSunday 23rd of January 2005 02:39:55 PM
- Some of you like to watch food network? (is this question grammatically correct?) now i got two question to asked :D
tinkerbMonday 24th of January 2005 12:56:18 AM

Sometimes I watch the food network! I like the Iron Chef shows and have actually improved my cooking through some of the tips the regular chefs give. The best thing I learned was that if you cook pizza (store-bought or handmade) it always tastes better on a pizza stone!
bennylinMonday 24th of January 2005 06:38:33 AM
- R you gonna watch the newest series of Iron Chef America tonight?
tinkerbMonday 24th of January 2005 08:16:31 AM

Right now I have no plans to...although it sounds awesome and I wonder how closely it will follow the Japanese version. I'm also curious who the tasters are at the end. If you see it, let us know! I'm just too busy tonight to watch. :/
bennylinMonday 24th of January 2005 05:43:15 PM
- People are just never enough with cooking, aren't they ^.^ ?
RawkstahTuesday 25th of January 2005 01:04:05 AM
- Perhaps its a fetish with food. i like food. . . heh. I don't know any person that doesn't like food. . .
tinkerbTuesday 25th of January 2005 06:33:09 AM
Or perhaps they have other fetishes along with food?
tasya-la-poliglotaTuesday 01st of February 2005 11:52:36 PM
miscellaneous - Other people like watching programs like that (Iron Chef and the like) probably because they get satisfaction in seeing how the delicious dishes are prepared...

rawkstahFriday 04th of February 2005 01:02:50 AM
- now what about watching sports on tv?
tinkerbFriday 04th of February 2005 08:22:25 AM
NASCAR seems to be gaining a tremendous following in the US at present, and it is billed as a sport too.
Nathan VSaturday 05th of February 2005 03:01:54 AM
A - Oh.....what's this all about??? we should use the Chineese alphabet!!!LOL wouldn't that just help things a whole lot!!LOL ....Plese could you remind me what letter we are on... quoat me & you would never know what your saying...Ugly this is getting ugly...
chinita96Saturday 05th of February 2005 07:20:13 AM
- Man, why did Nathan mess up the game? :P
bennylinTuesday 08th of February 2005 02:14:47 PM
- Laugh out loud? hahahaha.. it's good to have you, chinita...
Paul8Wednesday 09th of February 2005 05:43:50 AM
- Like yeah, Nathan Totally messed it up but you should have fixed it by putting O again instead of M which DOESN't come next to O. (N and P do)
trishMonday 14th of February 2005 04:22:52 PM
- ? the next letter...anyone.... i'm pretty lost now
UlvenThursday 17th of February 2005 11:37:09 PM
- kanooka /kuh-noo-kuh/ noun. medium-sized tree (tristania) of Queensland, NSW, and... hang on, I think I've got the wrong website. Is this not

bennylinMonday 28th of February 2005 01:15:46 PM
- kamu salah ^.^ you're wrong... but we love to hear more about that site... Okay, if there are still anybody who going to continue this game ^_^ the next two post should start with J,
and the next two should start with I...
tinkerbMonday 28th of February 2005 01:28:11 PM
Jumping back in, I've been absent from the game for awhile! What's been happening here?
bennylinThursday 03rd of March 2005 05:53:19 AM
J - Jam. looks like this game is no longer attracting, since its getting harder to remember which word is it now. Next two sentences starts with the letter 'I'
mohamed_am83Sunday 06th of March 2005 03:01:19 AM
- Isn't that enough for this game? i wonder when will it get over.
bennylinMonday 07th of March 2005 03:34:31 AM
- It is never enough for someone to continue this game. (well at least as long as someone reply this post, this is still continue). But let's make it easier next round.
tinkerbMonday 07th of March 2005 09:38:27 AM

Have you ever been interested in sailing? Sorry I wanted to continue it...
bennylinMonday 07th of March 2005 05:15:06 PM
- hmm.. sailing never become my interest, because i prefer to spend my time in land, not water (and the wave is uncomfortable too.)
next two sentences starts with 'G', and of course i'm happy if anyone still want to continue this game ^^
UlvenTuesday 08th of March 2005 02:19:57 AM
- Giffard, my nextdoor neighbour, built his own little sail-boat. It was very well painted. It looked simple, but pure. And I loved it when he took me for a sail in it. It's exiting when it feels like it's going to tips over:). Very scary. It only fits two people, maybe three. I love the sea. It scares me in a good way. Especially when we went too far out, we ere afraid we might not be able to get back to land, because neither of us are sailsman. But it was only a bay. There are many sharks in this bay, and when the boat tilts, the edge touches the surface, not like safe motorboats that are well balanced and don't tilt. Arrghh! I get the shivers recalling this experience. Exciting, though. I loved it! (only because we survived)But the danger was probably not really there much. But fear exagerates everything.
RJan589Thursday 31st of March 2005 03:01:47 AM
- Good I just found this game and would like it to continue :D
denizThursday 31st of March 2005 04:50:46 PM
- for there was a big break in between, do you think people will remember the game?
jvz8aSunday 05th of June 2005 12:12:25 AM
- Finally I'm posting something here :)
AnyaSunday 05th of June 2005 01:57:17 AM
- Extremely glad I am Javier, it's always a pleasure to read, especially when you write по-Русски, это очень приятно!
jvz8aSunday 05th of June 2005 06:21:49 AM
- Éste es mi comentario número 1000. wow. Please I don't want to hear comments that I'm an addict :D I already know that.
А большое спасибо, Аня. Ты - очень приветливая! (<- I hope that means you're very kind :p )
AnyaSunday 05th of June 2005 09:24:52 PM
- Don't worry, if you're an addict, then I'm in the addict club too ;) Although I don't have an addictive personality, so that means we're all set!

приветливая is a wonderful word and I am honored to be described with it... it means friendly/kind just like you said!
fiamma_gtMonday 06th of June 2005 12:42:07 AM

Did I thank you all before for everything I learn from you everyday? If not.... THANK YOU!!!!
jvz8aTuesday 07th of June 2005 07:43:36 PM
- Curiosity makes me ask: what is the most studied language at PhraseBase?
a10mechsTuesday 07th of June 2005 08:05:16 PM
- Cant say I've ever played this game before.
jvz8aTuesday 07th of June 2005 08:16:11 PM
- But I'm here to say to you: welcome to the game :)
panos74Tuesday 07th of June 2005 08:29:30 PM
- Because it is all about learning and participating
a10mechsTuesday 07th of June 2005 08:36:26 PM
- Always a pleasure learning new things.
jvz8aTuesday 07th of June 2005 08:40:01 PM
- Anybody knows what are we supposed to do after we reach letter a?
dawn lorraineWednesday 08th of June 2005 07:58:44 AM
- Looks like we have to wait for the author's decision, jvz8a.:)
bennylinThursday 09th of June 2005 07:46:21 AM
Game Improvement! - let us make some improvement to make this attracting again :)
We are going to use a category for each set of alphabets starts from the letter 'a'.

So since we start from 'a' right now, I'm going to declare a topic,

THE TOPIC RIGHT NOW IS MOVIE use letter 'a' thru 'z' for words or sentence that has to do with the topic.

A Time to Kill.
I read the book by John Grisham and then I saw the movie. It was a good movie, and I especially liked Samuel L. Jackson's acting there.
joe l.Thursday 09th of June 2005 07:51:06 AM
- "Battleground", from the 1950s, about the battle for the Ardennes forest in WWII
dawn lorraineThursday 09th of June 2005 09:01:32 AM
- Beautiful Mind - A movie I always tell my students to view and comment. Russel Crow as a schizophrenic still sees strange things and people but with remarkable strength of will, he chooses to ignore them.
jvz8aThursday 09th of June 2005 08:00:20 PM
- Collateral, with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. A cab driver and a contract killer in Los Angeles.
a10mechsThursday 09th of June 2005 08:41:41 PM
- Dogma, Funny LMAO
bennylinFriday 10th of June 2005 05:44:18 AM
- Ed, Edd, and Eddy - very funny cartoon @ Cartoon Network
dawn lorraineFriday 10th of June 2005 07:35:44 AM
- As Good As It Gets. Jack Nicholson portrays the OCD role so well. Very informative.
a10mechsFriday 10th of June 2005 10:51:02 AM
- Footloose, Movie about Bad dancing
bennylinSaturday 11th of June 2005 11:56:39 AM
- G.I. Joe - One of my childhood memory, sweet as it was.
AnyaSaturday 11th of June 2005 12:03:26 PM
- Home Alone silly movie that made me feel bad for the bad guys as a kid. How could they be so gullible? I've always thought of trying some of the tricks while home by myself, but then again, I was never home.
bennylinSaturday 11th of June 2005 01:12:26 PM
- Iron Chef. Always a good show (well, i suppose MOVIE topic can include this show, can't it?)
jvz8aSaturday 11th of June 2005 09:59:26 PM
- JFK, with Kevin Costner, directed by Oliver Stone.
MartaSaturday 11th of June 2005 10:21:43 PM
- Kusturica's films are great, don't you think? Especially "underground"! But I'm not sure if it's easy to understand for people who are not familiar with Eastern Europe., is it?
AnyaSaturday 11th of June 2005 10:32:44 PM
- LOTR, well, since I haven't seen all of them yet, my "L" movie is:

"Life is Beautiful" shows the strength of love even amidst the pits of humanity's insanity (the Holocaust).
bennylinMonday 13th of June 2005 03:25:16 AM
- Mission Impossible, reminds me of the TV series, which I like better than the movie
jvz8aMonday 13th of June 2005 06:40:38 AM
- Never Ending Story. You have to read the book, by Michael Ende!! It's really good.
joe l.Wednesday 15th of June 2005 09:45:55 AM
- On Golden Pond

(Gosh, I couldn't stand that movie)
dawn lorraineWednesday 15th of June 2005 12:34:17 PM
- For some reason, I really love Edward Norton's performance in "Primal Fear". The movie makes it easier for me to explain malingering personality disorder in class.
bennylinSaturday 18th of June 2005 03:47:42 AM
- Quantum Leap (why I always get the letter that reminds me of my childhood tv series, and not movies ^_^)
Janis1Saturday 18th of June 2005 03:52:59 AM
- Les Rivières pourpres (ooo bloody !!) (o:
MartaSaturday 18th of June 2005 05:09:31 PM
- Sade - perversive and obscene, just like Sade himself
joe l.Saturday 18th of June 2005 07:24:40 PM
- Twister

always remember folks, a cheap belt can protect you against the 500 mph winds of a tornado
Trudy L.Monday 20th of June 2005 06:55:25 AM
- Unforgiven. God, I hate Clint Eastwood movies!
AnyaMonday 20th of June 2005 06:55:34 AM
- Urga (Close to Eden, 1991) A must-see movie by Nikita Mikhalkov. Life of the Mongolian steppe. As it is.

Oops, double post. That movie is good, but I have to come up with one that starts with a

В джазе только девушки (In Jazz, only women) an alternative name for 1959 Marylin Monroe movie: "Some Like it Hot."
I love that movie!!
dawn lorraineMonday 20th of June 2005 07:12:37 AM
- Vanilla Sky
Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz

There you go, I edited.
MartaMonday 20th of June 2005 08:42:27 PM
- I think we were to list the films in alphabetical order, Dawn Lorraine:) But anyway, grren mile - a really good film.

Wayne's World, this comedy... silly;)
CharonPluMonday 20th of June 2005 08:55:26 PM
- X-ray alians from the planet "ZXraTi." Seriously, this movie (...probably) doesn't exist, but what else starts with "X?"
MartaMonday 20th of June 2005 09:00:07 PM
- X-files starts with x:p and exists:)
CharonPluMonday 20th of June 2005 09:15:03 PM
- Oh yeah! Now that you mention it, "X-men" exists too...

Y: Yentl (1983)
dawn lorraineTuesday 21st of June 2005 07:20:54 AM
- You've Got Mail
dolores7Tuesday 21st of June 2005 01:05:36 PM
- Zona Zamfirova (2002)- a Serbian movie, done according to the work of one of the great Serbian drama writers, Stevan Sremac. Love story from the end of the 19th century
dawn lorraineTuesday 21st of June 2005 04:38:46 PM
- Zorro. While some may find the movie a bit corny, I like how it depicted cultures.