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AllahiTuesday 13th of April 2004 09:52:47 PM
Swedish Teacher - If anyone Want to Teach swedish I can teach you.. Just ask...
monday_monday_mondayThursday 15th of April 2004 09:00:18 AM
- I would love to learn a bit of Swedish. I already speak decent Norwegian, which is pretty similar, and I can understand SOME Swedish, but it'd be pretty cool to learn Swedish. Maybe just some basic stuff, to see if I can get the hang of it?
AllahiThursday 15th of April 2004 09:36:44 PM
- okey... You can write some words too me.. then I can translate for you...
crazielFriday 16th of April 2004 07:41:51 PM
Swedish teacher - can you do it to me too???? im actualy here to learn danish but..... i have alot of sweedish friends and some cuss words would be handy!
AllahiSaturday 17th of April 2004 12:46:36 AM
- Yes okay... I will learn you the basics.. But canīt you say too me what you want too learn ok?
anschub86Wednesday 26th of May 2004 12:01:46 AM
swedish on bikes ;-) - Hi! I'm also interested in learning Swedish.
My sister and I want to do a tou on bike to St Petersburg,
there we cross Denmark,Sweden and Finland.It would be nice to know some basics to say hello and ask for place to sleep etc.
It's often easier to get to know people if u speak their language. :-) :-)

StefanWednesday 26th of May 2004 02:51:39 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by anschub86

Hi! I'm also interested in learning Swedish.
My sister and I want to do a tou on bike to St Petersburg,
there we cross Denmark,Sweden and Finland.

Not to put you off from learning Swedish, but just so you know it's REALLY hard to get a visa to Russia. A classmate of mine only got his last week after 3-4 months of waiting and he has an invitation from a Russian (his girlfriend).
Visiting St Petersburg as part of a boattrip ( , the finnish site has a IN English button in the bottom left) with a guided tour of the city should be resonably easy, but taking a ride on the bike across the Russian countryside might be quite hard to get a visa for.

In any case this is just a heads up so you are prepared that it might take a long time to get a visa. As an alternative you could bicykle from Tallinn Estonia all the way to Narva on the border to Russia. I assume the countryside is pretty close to what is on the other side of the boarder and no visa required at all. :)

Anyway, I'll be finishing up the Swedish Phrases during the summer, but if there are a few things you want help with to get you started already now, just ask :)

Good luck with everything :)
TogiTuesday 31st of August 2004 05:22:11 AM
- I joined this site to learn swedish. I am also new to the site. So, tell me how we can do this.
TaraSnowMonday 27th of September 2004 04:46:54 AM
Swedish - I joined this site to learn Swedish, I will be making my third trip to Sweden next summer and I am embarrased to say I only know the Swedish words for different items of food (skinka, rakor, ost, etc.) I can only help someone with their english (or should I say American). Anybody interested?
soupfaerie16Monday 15th of November 2004 05:06:25 PM
im learning swedish! - I'd love some help! I know a few words here and there, but will be going there in a few months and would love to be able to talk to people on their own language!
sweboyMonday 22nd of November 2004 06:00:57 AM
learn swedish - i am very much interested in learning swedish, i know some few words but still i want to improve my language proficency
HoogardFriday 17th of December 2004 11:51:44 PM
- Anyone, feel free to contact me if you want to try your swedish on me. I can help you get the words right and in right order too =)
teknogeekSaturday 08th of January 2005 07:26:45 AM
- Me too! I want to learn Swedish too. How about I work with someone and we post some basic phrases? Like greetings, introductions, etc.

There seems to be a large number of people wanting to learn the language, and some of you are willing to teach it, but for some reason, we don't know where to start.

If someone is willing to work with me, I could perhaps post some basic greetings, introductions, and easy phrases, and perhaps one of you could translate it for us? Just to get us started. Eventually, I'd love to see lessons posted in the classrooms the same way they do for other languages, but for now, this would be a great start.

Thanks for any help, and if I can offer assistance with German or French in exchange, please just let me know.


xenophileWednesday 16th of February 2005 05:52:42 AM
- There is a really good place to learn basics and the nicest thing is that it is free. I have looked at it and found it useful.
keitholdhamFriday 25th of February 2005 02:07:31 AM
Want to Learn Swedish: - Can someone that speaks swedish PLEASE fill in the words/phrases for the "Phrases" section on this website for Swedish??? Thanks,
joann_croTuesday 01st of March 2005 02:47:52 PM
- ..u all talking about easy phrases and basic 4 example..i know that basic things..i want 2 learn more..learn how 2 speak real swedish that i can comunicate with people..not just to say hello.. resaon 4 that is cause my boyfriend is swedish and im i dont want just 2 speak with him on english..
..Who can help me?..its not that easy like people say...
AshleyMarieTuesday 15th of March 2005 05:52:30 PM
- I'm interrested in learning Swedish as well... PM me if there's a teacher who has time to help me out :)

I can speak both English and French fluently, so I can exchange those for Swedish lessons :D
scatterheartSunday 24th of April 2005 11:01:08 AM
- I'd love for you to teach me Swedish. It'd be wonderful. The thing is I am just starting from scratch. :( Do you have the time and patience? <3
Mike JahnckeFriday 29th of April 2005 07:52:38 AM
- Great I'd love to learn Svenska (Swedish). I've tried learning Swedish at a young age but didn't pick it up because my grandfather taught me Swedish (he immigrated from Sweden) but he died when I was at a young age so I would love to pick up on what could have possibly been my first language besides English. :(

BTW: I can exchange for a little German.
OnukiMonday 09th of May 2005 10:40:30 PM
Learning Swedish - You could post some conversatios between two people, with the tranlation in swedish. I think that would help.