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mjbrodskyWednesday 08th of June 2005 12:16:12 PM
BRAND NEW MEMBER, would like to learn Swedish! - If there is anyone who can help me learn Swedish, I would really like to work on it with you. I've tried learning different languages from books and other sources, but never succeeded in reaching my desired level of proficiency...mainly this is due to a lack of interaction with another person who speaks the language and helps motivate me to continue on. The course that is going on in the discuss looks interesting, but it's a little late for me to jump in now!
I'm frustrated with trying to learn languages in isolation!

HoogardThursday 09th of June 2005 12:37:56 AM
- you're absolutely not at all too late to join the learning group. I have to admit the number of pages there looks daunting but mostly it's just comments on the lessons that are spread througout the thread.